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    Hi all,

    I wrote the other day about the meds, etc. for ulcerative colitis. Has anyone been treated w/Cipro for this?

  2. MamaDove

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    Hi Carol,

    I saw your post and had to respond but I am sooo exhausted and I know I wouldn't make much sense trying to tell you my experience, for now you may want to type in the search box above CIPRO, COLITIS, CROHN'S...

    I forget how I worded my posts when I was going through my last battle with Crohn's and UC but it's there somewhere.

    There is a doc in DC who believes it is bacterial in nature and not to use the usual pred and such but to use flagyl and cipro...I used a higher dose of cipro and was better in 4 days...Others on here have used it also and I am sure will come along and reply but for now check out the search and maybe my old posts, look for something similar in the title.

    Sorry I can't be of more help but I have been helping hubby put in my new kitchen and I can't even see straight. I will try and remember to come back tomorrow and check to see if you had more responses and if you found anything helpful in the search...Am I rambling yet? Geez, I am useless, gonna go now but I'll be back...Oh yeah, you may want to google Dr. Gabe Mirkin, he is the one who uses cipro for uc...

    Good luck, ALicia PS, I see you are from NY, care to share where about? I am misplaced long islander and miss it terribly...
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