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    Okay, Shoot me now!
    I did a search after rechecking my online guide. I was wrong:-(
    It is UCTV in California. I did a search and here is what I found:proving that summer television viewing can go beyond "Oprah" and re-runs of "Friends," UCTV is now airing in San Francisco, from 1 to 7 p.m. weekdays on Comcast channel 27.

    Berkeley residents have been able to view programming from the University of California on Comcast channels 78 and 25. Now San Franciscans can watch the university system's health, medicine, science, public affairs and arts shows.

    UCSF will air its public lecture series "Mini Medical School" at 6 p.m. Mondays beginning July 7. First up is "Cancer: New Hope for the Future." More eye-catching titles in the six-week series include "The Bain of Pain is Plainly in the Brain" (July 21) and "When Sperm Meets Egg: An Update on Reproductive Medicine" (Aug. 4).

    Clearly the shedule varies depending on where you are.
    If you do a search for UCTV and or "pain in brain" it should come up and give you a place to click for a program guide.
    Sorry you went through all that trouble. I know energy is in short supply :-(