Uggghh, weird symtoms,

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sandyz, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Sandyz

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    I have been having such a fullness in my throat and esophogus. Also blood pressure is up, pulse and I was thinking it was too high throid levels. I haven`t felt like eating hardly anything. ALso keep budging and mys tomach feels upset. I went to the doctor yesterday but now I am waiting on thyroid tests. Anybody else have anything like this??

    LEFTYGG Member

    Had an article about thyroid on his site yesterday. go there it has good info. hope it helps.
    love gail
  3. Saoirse3

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    Ask your doctor too check your liver panels as well. If you have been taking any painkillers, Cymbalta or Tylenol for any length of time, you COULD have portal hypertension. The portal vein runs blood from the liver, and when this gets blocked, the blood will make new blood vessels in it's attempt to return blood to the heart and brain. These are called "varices" and the two places they show up the most are the espophagus and the colon. If you ever feel like your throat is getting tight after eating or you have what feels like a chest cold with congestion, then it could be a sign of varices, especially if your BP is up. Just something else to check and be on the safe side!
  4. nancyl63

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    I also am experiencing a fast heart rate. My bP is ok. i am on throid medicine because it was to low. but i do have like a fullness in throat. Let me know what u find out. I wish yu luck! :)
  5. Straightarrow

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