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  1. I have tried miralax, fiber and magnesium. I am adding another magnesium pill tonight. Has anyone tried a cleanse and what kind and did it help? Nasty subject but I go a little bit but feel so horribly bloated and miserable. any suggestions?
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    Kellogg's All Bran Buds? It can't be just All Bran; it has to include Buds. There are 13 grams of fibre in just 1/3 cup. If you add fruit, it increases the fibre. This works so much better than taking fibre supplements. Heard about this from gastro doc when I had my colonoscopy. I have diverticula and have to keep things moving.

    Love, Mikie
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    If constipation isn't normal for you and it lasts longer than two weeks, you should see your doctor to make sure there isn't something else going on (ie colon polyps).
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    I think I can help you. I have a very non-constipating diet, but ended up with a fecal impaction anyhow. Believe me you never want to go through that! All I can figure is I got way to tired, and in to much pain and it must have slowed down my digestive rate.

    It really scared me especially since I juice and have protein fruit smoothies,ect I really shouldn't constipate. Then I remembered something my vet had told me a long time ago for one of my cats having bowel problems. He said to feed her pumpkin. So the last few weeks I've been making pumpkin bread (healthy recipe) and it's really done a good job keeping me regular. Very good for you, high in fiber.

    Hope you get the relief you need!
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    In my experience, Magnesium Citrate.

    Good luck!!!
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    I have to use benefiber 3x a day plus lots of water with lemon. Kefir helps a lot too.

    Also since I got on armor thyroid it's been better, hypothyroid will slow things down too. I never had a problem till a couple years ago, now ive had tons gastro stuff pop up. Including h pylori.

    Ooh yea, and no cheese or milk!!!! ;(

    Feel better

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    A lot of your daily meds with cause constipation, especially pain meds.

    I always eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast that has fiber in it. I also take 2 stool softeners in the AM and 2 in the evening every day. If I'm not having any problems, I still take 2 at bedtime.
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    I had very bad constipation at one time despite lots of fiber in diet as well as a huge array of fiber supplements. I am very much improved today although I continue to do much of what I list below. The 2 main things that helped me when the problem was severe was- 1. levoxyl --a thyroid medication in a very tiny dose 25 micrograms not milligrams which I take 3 times a week, and 2. Ageless Hydro-C made up soley of vitamins, and easy on those with trouble taking vitamins as I am. I cud not take these vitamins separately although some may be able to do that. At that time I was to sensitive to all vitamins and needed the product as it is made in a way that is easy on my system. The info can be found in author's book "Fiber Menace" or on net under his other book gutsense.
    I realize the info in book is contrary to popular beliefs about fiber but it all worked for me.
    The other things I did later on and continue to do are:a liver cleanse, gluten free diet, and healing of leaky gut syndrome -used herbs- "inner healing" by dr. James Wilson, chewable C-Glutamine not L-glutamine, and used DGL 3 a day, whey protein powder, and many different products for yeast build up like olive leaf and charcoal caps.
    Good luck.
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    Hi Ruby, I wanted to know how you did a liver cleanse while still on pain meds. Every kit I look at says that I can't take any medication while doing the cleanse. I have been on pain meds for 6 years now, and I really want to do a cleanse! Plus, I'm dealing with severe constipation in spite of drinking a senna tea every night. I've had chronic constipation since I was a kid, but now the meds have made it much worse.
    I appreciate any tips you have on this rather unpleasant subject ;)
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    Hi Kristina.

    Apple Pectin capsules are an excellent stool softener and laxative.

    After a lifetime of severe constipation due to sluggish bowels - and NOTHING helping - I in recent months happened upon apple pectin capsules.

    Works like magic for me every time. I'm amazed.

    Another good tip for constipation:

    With your fingertips, press or poke all around your abdominal area clock-wise.

    I do this about four circles, and it really helps get things moving, sometimes right away, sometimes by the next day. I should do it every day but I always forget to.

    I need both the apple pectin for a stool softener, and the poking abdomen - if I don't do both, the waste just sits there inside me even though it's softened by the apple pectin - very sluggish bowels, just about non-working.

    The only place I've found that sells the apple pectin capsule is my regular online site I buy most everything from - Vitacost.

    I buy Vitacost brand Apple Pectin. It's inexpensive and you only need to take one capsule daily.

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    Hi Patti, I tried your suggestion about poking my abdomen and it worked like a charm!! Thank you so much for your help on a very delicate situation ;)
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    Hi Kristina and Jamin.

    Yayyyy that the poking worked! Thanks for letting us know!

    I use charcoal capsules for detox.

    Inexpensive, highly effective, immediate results, and perks me right up when I feel so sickly toxic.

    When I feel toxic, I have debilitating malaise, extra pain all over, sometimes slight nausea, and feel depressed and despairing from feeling so sickly toxic weak.

    One charcoal capsule snaps me right out of it.

    Yes, it can interfere with your medication absorption, and anything else such as vitamins, minerals, any supplements, and food and drink nutrition, etc.

    But well worth it to 'instantly' detox.

    Take one capsule after your other meds have digested, such as two hours after.

    One capsule off and on as needed perks me right up.

    Sometimes I take one capsule three days in a row, or two capsules a day, when I occasionally get indigestion and nausea and acid reflux real bad. Soaks the acidic bile right up so it doesn't go up your throat.

    I get the Nature's Way brand from Walgreen's drugstore.

  13. gb66

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    I've had this problem most of my life and tried a lot of different products. Senna has been the most helpful and have found that Ex-lax contains senna and is so easy to use. I wish I had tried it years ago. It works very well for me.
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