UK - all that funding, just 2 research projects!!!!!!

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  1. tansy

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    The UK government has prioritised funding for research into ME/CFS. Well the Medical research Council has agreed to two.

    You're not going to like this!!!!

    Research project 1

    This is to take place in 6 clinics over 4 years.

    AFME's Chief Excutive Chris Clark's response was
    "This study should end the debate about the value of pacing. Now let's get on with the real business of finding the cause of M.E. for which money and dedicated scientists are urgently needed".

    Research project 2

    F.I.N.E. Fatigue Intervention by Nurses Evaluation.
    This will be delivered by specially trained nurses in patients' own homes.
    Sounds like the old cbt again to me.

    Sorry but I have to say this "is a load of old cobblers".

    All that money which could have been spent on real research, is being wasted on this. Seems the cognitive behaviour therapy and graded activity programme lobby have won the day yet again.

    I think we Brits should back up AFME and complain about the waste of funds being spent by the MRC.



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  2. tansy

    tansy New Member

    for all those from the UK to see.
  3. sb439

    sb439 New Member

    so incredibly f*&^ing annoying!! So much for the idea that medicine is an objective science ...
    Many thanks for keeping us informed, Tansy.
  4. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    is basically going to the dogs in all directions...

    The MRC really hasn`t a clue and this protocol with uninformed staff will only make matters worse.

    When will they listen to the likes of Dr Shepherd and Anne Macintyre.

    By the way, I am seriously considering taking a diploma course in nutrician to become a practitioner specialising in treating CFS/FM sufferers.

    Love Pat.

  5. sb439

    sb439 New Member

    ... to what Barb said.
    Pat - this would be great. If those of us who are well enough considered specializing in CFS/FMS, that could really improve things.
  6. northlass

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    yeah i agree thanks for showing this, what about the ME association also where did all that cash go, not to us getting a cure thats for sure

    xxxxx sam
  7. tansy

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    Hi Pat

    I managed one year of a two year diploma course on clinical nutrition. It was hard work but oh so worth it. At that time there were two main courses one run by Parick Holford and the one I attended. I chose the latter because it was so diet based, supps only if and when needed, and less based on a personality and commercial interests.

    We were taught to do mind maps etc because the course was so intensive. Good way to learn anything, get further with less brain strain.

    As for the MRC, NHS ++++, they're too wrapped in their own agendas ie not wanting to loose face over previous claims over what me/cfs is.


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