(UK) Funding of Biomedical Research into ME (ME Solutions and Invest in ME)

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    Funding Biomedical Research into ME

    Invest in ME

    me solutions

    Two charities are joining forces to fund research into

    ME Solutions and Invest in ME are working together
    to maximise the opportunities to fund research into
    ME/CFS. The research project is:

    The role of XMRV in modulation of
    NK cell cytotoxicity and NK cell gene
    abnormalities in ME/CFS patients and
    normal blood donors

    The project will be carried out by Dr Jonathan Kerr
    and his team from St. George's University, London,
    and Dr Amolak Bansal of the Department of
    Immunology, Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals
    NHS Trust.

    Background to the project

    A newly discovered gamma-retrovirus, Xenotropic Murine
    Leukaemia Virus - like virus (XMRV) has recently
    been found to be present in the blood of 68 of 101
    (67%) ME/CFS patients as compared with 8 of 218
    (3.7%) normal healthy controls (Lombardi et al,

    XMRV has been cultured from T, B and NK cells, but
    primarily targets NK cells. NK cell dysfunction has
    previously been found to be abnormal in ME/CFS,
    despite their numbers often being largely unaffected.

    Defects in the innate immune system are thought to
    play a key role in the pathogenesis of ME/CFS and
    these abnormalities may leave individuals
    susceptible to XMRV infection.

    This study will relate the presence of XMRV in NK
    cells with ME/CFS-associated abnormalities
    previously demonstrated in NK cells and
    ME/CFS-associated gene abnormalities.

    Plan of Investigation

    A sample of clinically-diagnosed (according to the
    Fukuda and Canadian criteria) ME/CFS patients and
    age-and-sex matched normal controls will be

    XMRV status will be determined and NK cells
    obtained and tested for ME/CFS-associated gene
    abnormalities in NK cells. XMRV status will be
    related to ME/CFS gene expression changes.


    ME Solutions and Invest in ME welcome sponsorship
    and donations for this two year project which we
    hope will begin as soon as possible.

    The links below will allow online donations to be

    every click:






    For further information about making
    donations to this project please contact:

    ME Solutions:



    Invest in ME



    Support ME Awareness



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    Well, I like the direction of this study. But am I reading right that they don't have the funding for this study yet?

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    Yes, it looks like it will/would be very interesting.
    Unfortunately, you are right that they are looking for funding for it.
    And their appeal has probably gone out at a bad time as there have been a lot of appeals in recent times. But all the other ones have been for the US (except Pocket Money Fund) and this study might particularly appeal to some so hopefully they have some success.
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    4-5 people on the phoenixrising forums have put together an
    amazing thing..an XMRVglobalaction org, which will get
    all the different groups that may be connected to XMRV into
    one network that will support funding to various researchers
    all over the world.

    the site just came up the day before christmas, so no one
    really knows about it yet, but I think they have over 50
    members already. They are on a facebook page too!
    Check it out! It is really exciting and I believe it will be a
    force for only good. The diagnoseme group has already
    joined it, also...a very good sign.

    Please look at it and consider addding your favorite
    research group to the 'causes'. So far I've added the
    WPI as one of my causes...I will probably do more as
    soon as I can...


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    I'm glad to hear that those UK charities are getting into the act. Also, I have to mention MEResarchUK (formerly MERGE) since imo they are the charity that has done the most for us in the UK. For a lot of people, including me, I think one thing to remember is that if you cannot donate much there are still a lot of ways to donate if you do online shopping from time to time.

    Some of these research groups and charities have links to companies like amazon.com where if you navigate there using their link, they get a percent of the profits for whatever you buy.

    This research is sure exiting, hope the discoveries keep coming and they can find something that can beat this virus.
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    Good points, sunnyslumber.

    People for example can use Everyclick http://www.everyclick.com to raise money.
    "Everyclick gives 50% of all advertising revenue generated through search and display advertising to charities in accordance with its users wishes" - note, that's not profit, that's revenue!
    (I've no connection with the company)
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    I reckon this study would be a lot better than the latest Wessely XMRV study.
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    If I had to trust one doctor with my life, and researching to get to the very bottom of things, it would be him. I have admired his work, his research, and his willingness to think outside the box. His research is extremely detailed. He will be the first one, I bet, to get to the bottom of this study, to replicate this study that is, and will do it in a very professional way that won't confuse us so much as the UK study did. He will indeed do a great job!

    Fight :)
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