UK - petition to stop disability services cuts - affects CFS/ME/FM people

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    Hi all,

    I used to post on this board many years ago - so long that I've forgotten my old username!!!

    Anyway, I'm a UK CFS/ME patient, and those here who depend on govt benefits and disability services will know only too well that they are being cut drastically. And anyone applying for ESA will know what a horrendous nightmare the process is since the cuts. So if you're in the UK, could you please, please take a moment to sign this petition to try and get those cuts debated in parliament:

    (it's a non-party political petition, it's just to try and get the topic debated and maybe some changes made).

    It's only got till Nov 1st to get the 100,000 signatures needed for a debate, so if you can pass it on to anyone who might want to sign it, all the better.

    love and ((((gentle hugs))))

    flipflop29 xoxoxoxox
  2. flipflop29

    flipflop29 New Member

    Just bumping for the last few hours of the petition, it closes at 10.00am tomorrow (well, today now).

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