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    I was asked to draft a letter but haven't managed yet, too many other things on with time limits. If I get one done in time I will post it.

    In the meantime here is advice from Health Freedom News-

    There are currently some postcards going around health food shops which you simply fill in and post to your MP. In our opinion, these are ineffective. We think that a far better way is to communicate with your MP is in your own words. Individual letters are more likely to actually get read. In your letter, state any of the following points politefully but forcefully, in your own words:

    You would like him/her to vote against the Food Supplements Directive and that, should he fail to do so, he will lose your vote.

    You wish for him/her to sign Early Day Motion #1442 immediately. EDM #1442 came into being on June 18th 2003, after our Health Freedom march. We need 2-300 MP's to sign this to delay ratification of the Food Supplements Directive. At time of writing, 29 had signed.

    You intend to boycott the new "harmonised" products and source your supplements from outside the EU.

    You consider freedom of choice in health care a fundamental, inalienable right and consider the FSD to be a violation of such a freedom.

    Why supplements/herbals/alternative medicine are important to you and your family’s health.

    You believe the UK laws are adequate in their requirements that natural remedies be safe and appropriately labelled.

    Then ask your your MP/MEP to do everything in his or her power to:

    Repeal the Vitamin Directive or resist its implementation in the United Kingdom

    Insist that the amendments to the Pharmaceutical Directive not contain ANY amendments allowing it to widen its definition of ‘medicine’ to include alternative or nutritional products.

    Refuse to allow the Pharmaceutical Directive to take jurisdiction over all other Directives

    Oppose the Traditional Medicines Directive, which will result in the banning of many safe herbal products with a long record of safety.

    Thank your MP/MEP for his or her support.

    Make sure to include your name, postal address and email address

    Remember to make your points politely but forcefully.

    Several MEPS represent each section of the country.You may write to all of them or just select one.

    Send your MP’s letter to:

    The House of Commons
    London SW1A 0AA

    Health Freedom's News has more info and can help you fax your MP if that's easier. They have a web site.



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    Shalom, Shirl
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    I have posted a draft letter which you can use but I suggest you personalise part of it, this can sometines ensure the recipient actually reads you what say.


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    to their MPs and MEPs. The more UK citizens object to this the more they will listen as to why these new directives should no be allowed to go through.


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    Hope you get all accomplished! GO FIGHT! peace, ez