Ulcers newly diagnosed-need help anxiety /depress meds

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    I don't know about you, but I am tired of test after test with no forward advances. Just had sonogram for gall bladder and/or ulcers. Am in the middle of workman's comp battle (end hopefully in sight) so anxiety level is maxed out giving into my ugle depression which allows me to isolate etc. Anyone else have trouble with ulcers even on restrictive diet? Anyone find a good med for anxiety? thanks
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    Most ulcers, they now know, are usually due the H. Pylori Bacteria..and if you are correctly tested and treated, it is really easy to be rid of...I had one that had gone on for many years, before it was treated with antibiotics, and have not had a recurrence, since, in 8 years..It is a myth that it has anything to do with foods or anxiety. The main contributing factors to development of ulcers is NSAIDS (anti-inflammatories) and smoking..But the bacteria develops because there is a breakdown in the digestive system, and it may actually be due to no or low acid levels in the stomach. I had no acid in my stomach. In, fact, I have been reading, lately, that this is another bacteria that one can have with these DDs...Hope you get treated, correctly....LOL, AMELIA

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    Have they given you an endoscopy yet? That's the one where they knock you out & put a little tube into you w/a little camera & look at your stomach & esophogas for ulcers, gastrial reflux, etc. I had one done & it was easy. If you have problems they will put you on prilosec or nexium or zantac or whatever. They will probably also do a HIDA scan on your GB- another easy test-they inject some dye into your arm & you just lay on the table for an hour or two while they do x-rays. Piece of cake. As for anxiety, did your Dr suggest anything to you? I take Zoloft, but that is mostly for depression I think. Good luck- hope you get relief soon!