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    Ok, so I went for my ultrasound, after I went to my family doctor for bowel problems (I say it is IBS), but I have not been dx. So she sends me for ultrasound and finds I have 1 kidney smaller than the other, now I have to go to a urolyligist. I still didn't get anything done about the IBS and so I called and ask the family doctors office about my bowel problems and they said the doctor has the file and will call me that was on Thursday and I still have not got a call. She gave me sample when I was there of previcid, I took all of them and they did not help, she didn't give me a script for anything. I don't know. I went to the fibro doctor and he took me off my meds. They where not helping me and he gave me samples of Lyrica and lunesta, I am taking them but I will run out of the lunesta tomorrow and they just help me sleep, they do not take care of my pain or anything else. He said for me to call him next week and let him know how I was doing, they didn't give another appt. or anything. See why I am dazed and confused.
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    I would call the doc back first thing monday morning and ask what the results were.Hopefully they are OK. The waiting that some docs put us though and a lot of others is just unforgivable at times.

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    and the ONLY thing that helps me is Metamucil . . . . it keeps me regulated . . . . the good old fashioned kind, the one you mix with water, not the pills. 1 teaspoon in a glass of water twice a day (anymore and you can get gassy at first, but you may need 3 x day at first, I did).

    Control the diareeha and softens the constipation. Just makes you regular. And I 've tried a LOT of different things . . . .hope it works for you, give it try . . . .!?

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    I had an ultrasound a few months ago and one of my kidneys was smaller than the other too and smaller than normal size. My doc didnt say anything about it. What did yours say about it? Hope you feel better soon.
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    My family doctor is sending me to urolygist, I go on the 30th of this month. I will know more then.

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    I would highly recommend going to Heather Van Vorous' website regarding IBS. I was on Librax for at least 10 years and still had problems with IBS. I am now off the Librax and less IBS is controlled by following her diet and the soluble fiber supplements. I very very strongly recommend anyone with IBS (either diarrhea, constipation, or alternating) to try this diet. It's not anything weird or unhealthy so it cannot hurt you to try it.
    I was only dx with IBS by process of elimination. I don't know if there is a test for IBS???
    Good Luck!

    P.S. Her site is very big and can be overwhelming. Just go to the "safe" diet to start out on to calm things down.
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    IBS is a huge monster in our lives.

    I've been on Zelnorm for past 2 yrs & there are days when I'm OK, but then usually 2 days weekly I'm really suffering.

    I've cut down on dairy, drink the Chinese teas from my acupunturist, eat more fiber, etc. AND STILL there are times when for no reason & out of the blue I'm all twisted up inside & have alternating constipation & diarrhea in the same moments. It's so painful. My internist suggests creams & soaks, then says so many of my fibro patients say the same thing.

    Maybe she should take notice more often.
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    I strongly urge you to go to Heather Van Vorous' web site and try the diet and take fiber the way she says. Increasing your fiber with the wrong kind of fiber will actually make IBS worse. Unfortunatley docs just tell you to increase fiber. Don't just cut back on dairy but stop all dairy, and all the other triggers that she lists. It sounds hard to do but once you are stablized it is worth it. I used to be just the way you describe, maybe even worse, even on Librax, and now I'm OK with no meds. The only time I have a flare up is when I cheat ;) Here is the website address: http://www.helpforibs.com/
    Good Luck!