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    Was browsing through the Prohealth store and was wondering if anyone has tried this product ? Also was wondering how helpful Guai has been to people here ?

    My neck shoulder junction muscles get so tight :(. pulls on the back of my head and head and eyes.

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    You may be interested in reading this article, written by Karen Lee Richards, who is a research writer specializing in Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS:

    Magnesium Plus Malic Acid: One-Two Punch for Pain & Fatigue

    A combination of magnesium and malic acid tops the list of recommendations for easing pain and fatigue, especially for those with fibromyalgia or ME/CFS.

    Magnesium (Mg) is one of the most important nutrients required by our bodies. It is necessary for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body and is essential to human life. A few of magnesium's functions include:

    • Maintaining normal muscle and nerve function.
    • Keeping heart rhythm steady.
    • Supporting a healthy immune system.
    • Keeping bones strong.
    • Regulating blood sugar levels.
    • Promoting normal blood pressure.
    • Supporting energy metabolism and protein synthesis.(1)

    Since our bodies don't produce this essential nutrient, it is critical that we replenish our supply of magnesium daily through diet and/or supplementation.

    Full Article: http://www.prohealth.com/library/showarticle.cfm?libid=16575

    You can also read some customer reviews here: https://www.prohealth.com/shop/product.cfm/product__code/PH107/tab/Reviews#title

    Hope that information is helpful!

    - ProHealth

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