Ultra Atp,(magnesium and malic acid)Coral Calcium,B-12, and

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    I am using Guai so I had stopped all supplements for a few months. I have added Ultra ATP back in and I just got my order for ZMA(big happy face),Coral CAlcium(going to give it a try) and sublingual B-12..
    My question is I keep thinking that you cant take Calcium at the same time as Magnesium but then I look at the catalog(PRO Health) and I see the two sold in bottles together. Can someone tell me what information I am getting confused? I know that I know something about the two but by golly I cant remember what I know! :) Don't ya just hate that part of this DD. So, can I take Ultra ATP,coral calcium and B-12 at the same time and then the ZMA at nitetime? Oh wise ones that you are please decode my memory please.....thanks for your time! Kathleen
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    This remains an enigma which none of us has been able to figure out. Most of the time, we are told to take magnesium and calcium together, but the ZMA instructions tell us not to take calcium with the ZMA at night.

    I bought some SNAC ZMA at Vitamin World before this site started selling it. The magnesium was veggie based and it blocked my Guai. There is no mention of this in the SNAC ZMA sold here, so I am hoping it will not block the Gaui.

    Love, Mikie
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