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  1. deepak

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    Interesting story-

    My domestic help had gone to the doctor for body pain and he gave him ultracet.

    Curious to try it , I too took one and I am amazed how effective it is !

    Do others here take it and what is their experience ?

  2. harrysmom

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    Deepak.. I have CFS and Fibro. I had taken Darvocet ...about a quarter or half a pill daily for years and years. It helped me a lot. When they took that drug off the market...ridiculous...my doctor prescribed Ultram and so that's what I've been taking for about a year or a year and a half now. It helps me feel less tired, less achy, and more "up", all issues with my illness, and so I would say thumbs up to Ultram...just don't like it as much as Darvocet. Oh, by the way, I take not quite one whole pill, broken up pieces at a couple times during the day.

  3. sunflowergirl

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    If it is I LOVE it, but find I can only take l/2 (25mg) during the day but a whole one if NEEDED when I go to bed. It really knocks the pain out for me. I save this for when the pain gets too unbearable.
  4. spacee

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    I took ultram for a few years because of the effect it had on me. I was told
    to get a RX med pain while on the Marshall Protocol for the herxing.

    After I stopped the protocol, I continued with small amounts of the ultra
    because it helped cognitively and I could just do more.

    On the thread about LDN, it was said that it is to be taken not closer
    than 6 hours before the LDN nor 6 after.

    In the last couple of years I have symptoms of myfascial pain syndrome
    and I take it for that. Tramadol, not the ultram. Tramadol is the generic
    of ultram

    Love you much,

  5. joanierav

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    i take ultracet (no mil on the bottle) once a day. i have taken it for yrs. bottle says every 6 hrs. i cant take tramadol or ultram. ultram put me in the er with severe vomiting. but i love the ultracet. also loved darvacet. i dont do well with pain meds. so was so happy when the ultracet worked so well.

    its everything the others said, ie: takes away the pain, gives you an up feeling etc. i used to be able to take it at bedtime, and it gave me good sleep with my other sleep meds. but now that doesnt work anymore. so i take it when im going out and dont want to be in pain and want some energy.

    good luck with it deepak, hugs joanie
  6. deepak

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    Thanks all for replying :)

    I was quite amazed at the pain reduction. I am taking another one today and seeing :).