Ultracet Vs. Darvocet N 100

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  1. nightngale

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    Anyone know if one is better than other? I thought I saw a post where someone said the Darvocet was really mild. I do seem to get cranky on Ultracet. I just got rx darvocet over the phone for thigh pain that has since subsided alot.
  2. leubie

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    hey-my name is laura----------ive taken both of these meds----------at one time --------they both worked for me--------they are two different types of meds--------they are both mild--------meds some docs start to control pain----------i think if they work for you-----------and your doc rx the med-------------then go for it---------i took darvocet n 100 first---------they did not have the ultracet then ( i do not think)----------i would stay with the darvocet (or ultracet) for as long as it works for you-----------i hope you have sucess w/ this med.------------ i hope your pain keeps subsiding---------if you are worried about the meds im sure your doc will talk with you about them--------take care ----------laura
  3. obrnlc

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    hi nightingale,
    glad your thigh pain is getting better.
    i personally prefer darvocet, i don't get any relief from ultram or ultracet, but darvocet works suprisingly well for me, better than codiene and some stronger ones.
    i used to take 2 every 6-8 hours rather than 1 every 3-4 hours and got great relief when this was localized to the groin area, now i have to "call out the big guns" since it is widespread.
    some docs say that tramadol has a mild narcotic in it, but i don't think so--it isn't written on a schedule 2-3 slip or regulated like a narcotic, but alot of people get really great relief from it, so it just depends on you,
    some answer, huh? talking in circles!
    happy Easter--L
  4. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    What do you mean "call out the big guns"? Is that stronger meds? Right now the ultacet really helps with the generalized pain and allows me to function, I usually take one in am and then 2,3,4, depending on days pain level. I guess I will try the Darvocet one day instead, he really didn't say if I should mix them or just take one or alternate. They just called it in. I will call Monday to clarify. Thanks again. I have not been taking both together.
  5. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    Seems like ultracet helps me alot but makes me cranky. Anyone know if Darvacet less cranky causing?
  6. irishprincess

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    darvocet ia narcotic ultracet is not. darvocet is propoxyne and ultracet is tramadol the samw thing as ultram.
  7. kevieb

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    darvocet used to work wonderfully for me. i used to take a darvocet with an excedrine. you do need to be careful about the amount of acetaminophen you get, though. (the caffeine helped with the sleepiness the narcotic caused) in the early days, a darvocet and an excedrine in the morning left me good for the whole day!
    i had a hysterectomy a year and a half ago and have been on norco ever since.
    if the darvocet works for you----use it as long as you can!!!
  8. JLH

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    As far as "is one better than the other" goes, it is according which one works better for you. But, if I had to choose, I would go for the non-narcotic one, which is Ultracet. However, it is bothers you, why not ask your doctor to try you on Ultram, it may not make you irritable.

    Ultracet and Ultram are both non-narcotic pain meds, and Darvocet is a mild narcotic.

    While taking Ultracet or Ultram, you can also take Motrin (or ibuprofen) if you need any extra pain relief.
  9. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    for the info. Isn't ultram just ultracet with tylenol in it?
  10. candi40

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    It is an opiate, like Vicoden. I have read many posting on this and other message boards about it having terrible withdrawal effects. My doctor gave me some samples, but after doing some research, I decided to stick with Darvocet and Percocet. Even though they are narcotics, I do not take them every day, and I have never experienced withdrawal.
    That is just my personal opinion.
  11. LadyC

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    I don't take it every day either. It does make me drowsey...but it definitely gets the job done.
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