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  1. glenda2

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    does anyone here take ultracet? to make it through work i have to take 6 to 8 of them for the pain. i take cymbalta and ultracey everyday other meds as needed i have differant ones for sleep but i have just bought meletonin
  2. elsa

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    Hi Glenda,

    I used to take two ultracet (50mgs) every six hours. I switched though to ultram ( tramadol is generic ) because I didn't want to ingest all that tylenol. I have never had success with tylenol as a pain reliever, so it just seemed I was putting my liver through unnecessary risk.

    I really like the tramadol. I take 2 50mgs tram. with 3-4 advil every 6 hours. In the last few weeks I have only needed my AM dose and PM dose ... instead of all four. If I really do more then I should then I take a small ( I'm a wimp ) 2.5 or 5 mgs flexeril with my tram/advil.

    My doc encourages me to take it regularly... to break pain cycle or to try and stay ahead of it.

    Hope this helps.


    P.S. - Strange , but true ... With ultracet, I felt groggy .. After taking the tylenol out of mix (and leaving tramadol) with ultram, I get a little lift or energy boost.
  3. glenda2

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    thank you elsa for your response. my dr. will not let me take advil because of my live but said the ultracet would not hurt it. i just have to take so many to work it worries me. thanks again for your help.
  4. elsa

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    I'm sorry about not being able to take advil. I'm not sure I posted very clearly though. The ultram doesn't have advil or anything mixed in. It is just straight tramadol.

    The ultracet is tramadol with tylenol.

    I wasn't sure if I said that right the first time. Anyway, are you taking two of them every 6 hours? I have, but I'm not now .... hopeful that I won't have to again anytime soon.

    You know, 8 years ago I had a liver infection and my enzymes were elevated. My doctor said I could take advil, but not tylenol ... because of my liver. Strange about these doctors huh?

    Well, I hope you do feel better soon. I just wanted to re-post in the chance I led you to believe ultram had advil in it. I take the advil for minor arthritis and lower back scar tissue that's unrelated to FM.

    Take care,


  5. ckk

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    i too used to take ultracet and it made me sleepy too and it really didnt work for me, now i take ultram... gives me good results while keeps me from getting sleepy.
  6. ophelia_immortal

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    I have personally not had much luck with Ultram or Ultracet. In order for either one to do me a darn bit of good, I have to take 6-9. I know that it is dangerous to do take such a high dose, but what can I do? I need the pain relief and my doc is the Nazi of the Meds. I am lucky if I can get him to write for even one refill. I get enough to last me a month and I don't see him for 2-3 months... In fact, I never see HIM. I see his Nazi NP except for 1 time a year to check up with him.

    I should probably find a new doctor... lol
  7. sunshine5050

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    I take ultracet 37.50mg for pain. It knocks the pain right out. I do have to be at home resting so that it doesn"t make me sick at my stomach. I don"t take it everyday. I feel so good when I take it. I relax and feel so good mentally for several hours.I wish i could take this at work,but i would probably slid under my desk. I hope you you feel better soon.
  8. EllenComstock

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    but it didn't really help with the pain. Just wasn't strong enough for me. I'm on Kadian 20 mg. now - twice a day. In the beginning I did have some problems with side effects (nauseous feeling), but thankfully that is much better now.

  9. glenda2

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    thanks for all the input
    god bless
  10. glenda2

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    hi elsa i do take 2 at a time. i take 6-8 on a bad day at work. not so many on my day off. i had gallstones and the dr. mess up and cut my bile duct. i almost died. it has effected my liver and that is why the ( differant dr.) says no advil. this all happened 14 years ago and guess when my fibro started?????well i am off to bed to see if i can sleep ha ha thanks again.