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  1. chp1298

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    Does anyone use this for pain? I have been using vicodin or percocet and they both make me so sleepy and I am slepy wnough on my own. I just got it today. Any info is welcome
  2. tngirl

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    Hi, I have taken ultracet which is a combination of tylenol and ultram. It did not make me sleepy at all, but as you know we are all different.

    I switched to ultram as it was more effective for me.

    I have heard many people say that ultracet kind of perks them up and elevates their mood, which is a plus.

    I hope it helps you.
  3. elsa

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    I started with ultracet quite a while ago but switched to ultram (tramadol) as I had no desire to take acetomenophen.

    Tylenol has never been a successful pain killer for me, so I didn't see any advantage to taking it mixed with tramadol. My liver is happier without it. LOL

    Ultram ended up giving me a little lift were ultracet made me alittle bit sleepy. Go figure ... who knew adding tylenol to the mix would do that to me?

    Anyway, I love my tramadol. It does a great job on my pain, gives me a boost and doesn't make me feel more sleepy then I already am.

    Just can't take 100mg at bedtime ... will keep me up... Can take 50 mgs and 3 advil though.

    Take care,

  4. Aberlaine

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    for "breakthrough" pain. My doctor doesn't want me taking it because it's the "next level" of pain meds for me. Once I'm on it for pain, my body might get used to it and it wouldn't work as well. Right now I take diclofenac (NSAID) for my pain, but it doesn't really work well (my pain with it is 6 out of 10).

    I find that taking Ultracet constipates me big time. Someone suggested I take it with a stool softener. When I take it, I try to make sure I get several 16 oz. glasses of water right afterward. So far, so good ...