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  1. jillsy1

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    hi.......Just wondering if anyone has tried Ultracet and if so, for what results? Thanks........jill
  2. smyle4moi

    smyle4moi New Member

    until recently i have been lucky enough that my pain was bearable with no meds...recently however...not good...i see a PA (they are the best!) who gave me ultacet to try as i did not want to start on anything too strong, i usually dont need much...i only take it when absolutley necessary and it definately helped me...dulled it enough for me to function...never been completely without pain but im used to it.....i know others had problems withdrawing from it but only use it occasionally and refuse to give my life up to pain meds until i absolutely have to....im stubborn...lol...there has recently been alot of threads on this issue you may want to do a search...i now take Ultram which is Ultracet without the acetominophin....so search for that too...
  3. kredca4

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    There was an Article, in the newsletter that this site's sponsor send's out, for free, about the National Fibromyalgia Association and some research that they did on Ultracet and FMS pain.
    You might be able to get it from the Library here.

    It's suppose to help, but it never worked for me, but then I have other condition's, that cause me Pain beyond the reach of lower pain med.'s. It still has Tylenol, and that's what I,m the most concerned about. Seems most of the meds that I can take have it. I am allergic to Asprin and most Inflammatories, so I don't have much choice in the matter.

    Trouble is my PC keeps trying to put me on that, I just keep reminding him, that I can't take it. Don't they read Files?

    Good luck to you, if you are just dealing with FMS, it will probably help you. Keep us posted on what you decided and if it works for you. ;o) Hope so. Pain sucks, huh?

  4. franners

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    I take it... Some days it helps and some days it doesn't... The Neurontin has helped me the most. I am up to 3600 mg now.
    God bless Fran
  5. EllenComstock

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    and have for quite some time. At first my doctor just had me take one pill, but after awhile that wasn't doing it for me, so he okayed me to take two now. Sometimes it helps more than other times. It seems when I am having the worst pain it doesn't help as much, but still it takes the edge off and anything is a help. I wonder if after awhile our bodies become immune to pain medications. This is about the fourth different pain med I've been on since I was diagnosed a year ago.

    Ellen Comstock
  6. schnoodle

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    I have been taking it and it works pretty good. The only thing is for me is that Ultram or Ultracet keeps me awake at night, but it does not do this to everyone. Just wanted you to be aware in case you have a problem with sleep.
  7. jillsy1

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    Thanks to all who took the time to send very informative answers to my question regarding Ultracet. I'll speak with my doc to day.

    Very excited here in Vancouver as we just won the olympic bid........YAY CANADA!!

    Thanks again ........it's nice to have something to try as nothing has worked to this point.