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    Hi everyone....I drop by every once in awhile. This time I had a heck of a time remembering my log in name. Sigh.
    I received the newsletter from here about Ultracet doing well for FM. What's your opionion? And why is it only approaved for short term, 5 day, use? How can that be helpful for FM? I did take it a couple of years ago for a few months and didn't find it to be that helpful. I think I had trouble with heart flutters....at least I thought I did but it seems I have that anyway. I've been taking vicroprofen with better results, 1/2 tablet at a time, but I do wonder about the motrin and my stomach. Ultracet isn't supposed to be a problem with that. Maybe I should try it again. I find that some things work for a short time...like Oruvail or Vioxx. Is that true for some of you? M.A.