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  1. Amslave

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    Is someone out there taking or have taken ultram? I've read about it being addictive here and now i,m scared. I've just stared my second mth and it doesn't touch the bad pain and defintly not worth bad withdrawls.
  2. Mini4Me

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    I tried ultram several years back. Docs try you on this because they want to avoid putting you on an opoid painkiller. Problem I had was, it didn't work at all. Then I googled it online and couldn't believe how bad it was!! Do a google search on it, and you'll be amazed too. Opioids are a lot safer to take than ultram!
  3. mindbender

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    We, I mean most of us don't get addicted like others do because we usually have a real need for pain killers , and it seems our bodies absorb them completely.

    We usually only take them when we need them.
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  4. The thing about ultram If you wean off it the withdrawals last only a day or 2 .I feel it is easier than vicodin to get off of.Alot is how much you are taking.The ultram helped me to lose weight too.Just be carefull. Thats all I know anymore.

    Most people just need to taper off meds, If you had a bad period and take more, when you feel better taper off. I tell my hubby this all the time, but he doesn't listen. lol


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