Ultram better than vicodin??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lisjhn, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. lisjhn

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    Does any one else think Vicodin is a step down from Ultram? For some reason, I need much more Vicodin than Ultram to be at the same level of pain relief. Weird, huh. I know Ultram works on the substance P thingamajiggers so maybe that's the reason. Or is it just me?

  2. opala

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    That's tough to say. I know that I didn't get any relief from Ultram, but I'm also not getting any from Vicodin most of the time. I was put on the Vicodin as a substitute for the Lortabs I was on, and they seemed to work better!!!

  3. toots2

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    To some, ultram is not even considered a narcotic. It did very little for my pain. Vicodin is hydrocodone and stronger in the order of narcotics. If you are considering vicodin, you might want to try lortab which is also hydrocodone. I would suggest using the brand name lortab as it worked better for me than the generic, hydrocodone. Just a suggestion from someone who has tried both but who now uses percoset because neither lortab nor vicodin helped much when my pain was bad. Toots
  4. lisjhn

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    I've recently been on Lortab since Vicodin didn't work for me. I could take two Vicodin and think I just took a tic-tac, wouldn't know the difference. 8 Vicodin a day would be the equivalent to 4 or 5 Ultram for me. Ultram, I can definitely notice a difference after taking two, but I still need more pain relief. So I've been taking a Lortab when I need that extra boost, just 1 or 2 a day. I don't know what to think of the stuff, sometimes I can feel it in my head but no pain relief in my body. What??? Do I need to take more you think? Right now, I'm taking 4 Ultram and 2 Lortab a day. My doc isn't too fond on oxy so that's out of the question for the time being, she just gave me Lortab which was a big step for her.

    I guess I was just interested to see if anyone else experienced the same effects with Vicodin and Ultram.

    Thank for your replies! ~LISA
  5. kadywill

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    Vicodin worked better for acute pain such as an injury. Ultram worked better for my chronic bedtime leg pain and I could always fall asleep much better if I took it. I ended up relying heavily on the Ultram for several years and I recently cut my dosage drastically finding the severe leg pain returning with a vengeance!! I thought the other meds, including Oxy would suffice, but I just cannot stand any type of pain without my friend, Ultram!!! I am so glad it works so well for this type of pain. I have found that I MUST have Oxy, Mobic, Ultram and Soma....ALL of them or the pain is intolerable! Last night, I was just dying with pain, so I got up and took 2 Ultram and 4 Ibuprofen (I was out of Mobic)~~~ I slept beautifully......
  6. karen2002

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    I take ultram daily---it helps with flu-like achiness...but it makes me hyper as heck! It does nothing for more severe pain....but two vicodin taken at the same time, help that for me.
  7. tandy

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    If ultracet is as strong as ultram?? b/c I was given a script for the ultracet and I take two and could use more relief.I make due with the 2 but....
    As for the vicodin,I will never take that one again!!!I tried it once when I had a wisdom tooth taken out-It made me spin!!!Very dizzy!!hated it!percocet has the same effect on me....I can't take it~ If ultram is stronger I might be better off with that???
  8. tandy

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    So far no-one knows!!!THEE ultimate ?LOL
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