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    Hi! I had an injury to my neck and shoulder 2 years ago, and it was reinjured last year. I have had chronic pain ever since. The pain is in my left shoulder and front and side of my neck. (especially where the neck and shoulder meet) The Dr.s said the mri showed there was bulging in some of the disks in my neck, and that's about all they said. It was left untreated for a long time. (I don't think they believed me & thought I was drug seeking) If I had to guess I would say a severe strain or sprain, facsia damage, and or pinched nerve. I have been on Ultram and Neurontin for a couple of months and feel like I have my life back. I am afraid they will stop the meds after another couple of months. Any info about Ultram or the long term use of it? God Bless you all!
    (I have also started P.T. a month ago but it doesn't seem to be helping too much so far)
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    Hi Nelson,

    Well are they treating the injury? I don't see how they can take you off of meds without solving the problem..You didn't mention if you had FM or CFS but it is true it isn't narcotic but it is expensive. I never got much from PT either but I did learn some good exercise tips and the fact that the brain can only recognize one area of extreme pain. That was an eye opener and I changed a lot of what I did because now I know that I have to take care of all of my bad points and less pain in one area did not mean recovery for FM patients. I kept getting Tendonitis in school, I had no choice but to go to school Part-time.

    Good luck, don't mess with your meds, you are hinting to having a drug problem in the past,or was it just the doctor was assuming something? Many people are ignorant of how drugs work. I am glad you decided to see a doctor to treat your pain but drugs are dangerous, if they are not working you need to try something else. Drug dealers don't go to College. They are business people and will tell you what they hear not what they know is true. Abuse Pharmacies and you lose the priviledge to be treated for serious injuries. Hospitols keep lists of thoes who abuse the system. I have known some individuals like that and all you can do is feel sorry for them. The one bridge I could never burn. Get diagnosed and get help.

    Take care,

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