Ultram ER and / or Food allergies---UPDATE!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by peachums, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. peachums

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    Hi All! I am having a wierd problem and I am coming to the experts!

    I have taken ultram er in various strengths since mid 2005.

    I also have had this odd allergy reaction since 2007. A couple times a month, my sinsus get all plugged up, sick to my stomach, can't sleep, feeling like I have the flu. It lasts for
    24 hours.

    I assosiated it to a food allergy and I quit tannins. No ice tea, no wine, no beer, no bread made with barley, no vanilla so no ice cream, very little eating out, etc.

    Today I got sick and as far as I know I did not eat anything wrong!

    So- has anyone ever had this type of reaction from Ultram or tramadol?

    If this was a food allergy or intolerence- would the reaction last for 24 hours?

    Oh- I tried to quit the ultram. It was not pretty. So- I have reduced to 200 mg and I am gonna try 100 mgs and then quit.

    thanks in advance for reading this and any help you can give me.

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  2. HU1981

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    it never stops always low grade upset stomach and constipation and the pharmacist wants me to take Tylenol with it but my stomach really hurt then so I was not insured for 2 mths and was off the tramadol .

    The pain breaking through was extreme - I may lose my job because I couldn't make it to work on time most days this summer due to the exhaustion and pain even though I finally spent my bill money to get back on my meds - but I never considered an allergy.

    I just thought I better try an herbal pain remedy before this runs out cause I could make sure no one could ever take me off that since it's nonprescription and then the side effects and that dosage was also in their hands so I went several mths with the pain constantly breaking through before the next dose was due before they relented and increased it from 2 pills to 5-50mg pills/daily.

    I also read in a book on chronic pain that tramadol wasn't indicated in the management of fibromyalgia so I took the book back to the library.
    Let us know what you find out.
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  3. peachums

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    I have been "sick" for 3 days out of 10. Very sad--cannot eat, getting the runs for hours. I am seeing an allergist now but I am starting to think it is nothing I am eating! I think it is fibro or even chronic fatige....who knows? thanks for reading and answering-- I am off to do more research..
  4. peachums

    peachums Member

    Seems I have a bad reaction to decongestants! I was taking them because I was constantly stuffed up and congested. Turns out I have non allergic rhinutus (forgive my spelling) that should be treated with nasal sprays. I cannot take the strong decongestants (like 24 hour pills) without RLS and stomach upset.
    I can use sudafed (much less medicine for a shorter amt of time!)
    thanks all for the help--no food allergies!

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