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    Did you know there is an ultram 12 hour pill out now? It works great for me so I don't get those up and down pain cycles. Here's the bad news. Since it's new on the market it's expensive. You could ask your doc to give you samples if he/she has them and try it. I get a little discount because I work at the hospital that dispenses it and it was $74 for 30 pills. I will get 80% of that back when I mail it to my insurance, so it's worth it to me. Since it's so expensive, I'm only taking it in the day time and I take my regular ones at night or my lortab for pain at night that my doc prescribed. Hope this info helps someone. mary
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    I take Ultram, but like to take it when I need it. I do not think I would like the idea of having it in my system all day. Just me (and thank you for the info).

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    well, I was having so much leg pain and difficulty walking because of it, that I was taking 1 ultram every four hours and it was driving me nuts to live like that, always thinking of when I take my next pain pill. That's not how I want to live out the rest of my life. So I was so happy when the MD told me about it, because I had made an appointment with him and told him I was having such a hard time at work, that I was considering disability. He also wrote me a prescription for massages. Hope the insurance will except it. He also wanted to rule out one more muscle weakness disease with a lab test CPK but it came back negative. (I'm not surprised!) :) cb
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