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    I just wanted to let you guys know what happened to me with Ultram. I have posted on this site before regarding No Sleep. I am sensative to many meds so I am limited and the ones I tried never worked. Well, I asked my doc and a specialist about Ultram because I had read on the internet that it might interfere with sleep. They both said "no" it does not interfer with sleep. Long story short, after trying many meds and being on Ultam I would lay awake all night. I have recently stopeed taking it after about 2 in the afternoon and am only taking a little Xanex at night and I am sleeping. I can't believe it! AFter all of the medicines I have tried for sleep, I believe it was the Ultram wiring me up. So, now I am stuck, because I need to see my doc and get something for night time pain - if he will give me something. So, I am in a lot more pain. But, I just wanted to share this information with you in case this was happening to someone els.
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    Ultram has an effect on serotonin which can keep people awake, thank you very much. Sometimes it wires me, and I have to double up on my klonipin to get to sleep. But not too often, fortuneately.
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    Just wanted to thank you all for responding. Yes, we are all different. I just hate to be told by a well know fibro doctor that Ultram cannot keep you awake. I just went for 1 visit with this doc who I wanted 3 months to get in to see. What a dissapointing visit that was. If I hadn't investigated on this site and others I would not have known.