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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by brandidi, Mar 9, 2003.

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    I don't know if anyone is taking Ultram(generic is tramadol) or not, but I just ran across something that I never knew about the drug. This is taken from a monograph of the drug that I found on the internet.

    Use with great caution in those taking medicine for depression, as tramadol inhibits norepinephrine and serotonin uptake.

    I have been on it for some time and never knew this. So I have been taking this and it clearly has been wiping out the effects of the Effexor XR that I am on as well?? What is up with that? I really do wish that either the doctor or the pharmacist would tell people things like this when filling the scripts. I mean, I really don't expect the pharmacist to know every single little detail about every single drug out there, but this is something that is kind of important, ya know????

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    I just found out about that problem as well. And I also heard that ultram really isn't supposed to be taken long term due to bad side effects that can occur.... I am also on anti-depressants and need a pain killer that won't interact w/anti-depressants, give me bad side effects, and be one that I can take occasionally on a long-term basis for migraines when my daily pain medicine doesn't work well enough. So if you find out about another pain killer to use, let me know - please.

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    I'm currently on 400mg tramadol - 375 efexor - 175 chloropromazine - 600 lithium - 30 zoton - 10mg zimovaine.

    i have been on tramadol since aug 2000 and changed my antidepressants to those listed above in sept last year i was taking of voltoral because it interacted with the lithium but nothing showed up on the computer with regard to tramadol. i have been telling the doctor that they aren't working. i'm having some of the lowest points of my life. The pain in my legs and spine as got so severe i've just had to have a mri scan. so far nothing has been diganosed except i know i have torn cruciale ligaments in my knees. Last month my doctor put me on nitro-dur patches...for the pain....apparently these are for angina....how they found out they numb pain i dont know. its got to the stage where i actually through up this morning after i took my meds cause i was in so much pain. My GP and therapist want me to admit my self to hospital to get my meds sorted out......i know the antidepressants and lithium aren't working....and now i know the reason... how did u learn this...is there a medical article on the web referencing it? if you could let me know your source i'd appreciate it...something to show my doc's. thanks maureen

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