Ultram or Tramadol

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  1. brandidi

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    I don't know if anyone is taking Ultram(generic is tramadol) or not, but I just ran across something that I never knew about the drug. This is taken from a monograph of the drug that I found on the internet.

    Use with great caution in those taking medicine for depression, as tramadol inhibits norepinephrine and serotonin uptake.

    I have been on it for some time and never knew this. So I have been taking this and it clearly has been wiping out the effects of the Effexor XR that I am on as well?? What is up with that? I really do wish that either the doctor or the pharmacist would tell people things like this when filling the scripts. I mean, I really don't expect the pharmacist to know every single little detail about every single drug out there, but this is something that is kind of important, ya know????

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    Hey Brandy,

    I'm glad that you've found this out. I do take Tramadol,
    only because it's cheeper than Ultram.

    Here lately I've noticed that my depression doesn't seem to be responding to the 300mg of Effexor I take. I wonder if this could be the reason.

    Do you know if the Name Brand Ultram, causes the same
    effect? This is very interesting to me. You see, my Rheummy
    gives the Tramadol and my Phyc doc gives me the Effexor.
    It would be possible that these docs haven't got a clue about the interactions.

    I'm gonna check this out with my pharmacist. She's
    pretty good about helping me with this type stuff.

    Thanks so much for the warning, I do appreciate it.

  3. mapessd

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    I took Ultram then had to switch to tramadol and use to take Wellbutrin but when they changed to Celexa my pharmacist was concerned (can't remember why ) but my Dr said with the dose i take of both i should have no problem.. The pharnacist said it the Celexa worked for me then, if needed it would be easier to change the pain med. .It's harder to find a anti depressent that works than it is to find a pain med Good luck
  4. dierdremccormick

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    I believe that antidepressants are also reuptake inhibitors.
    If that is the case, the ultram would boost the antidepressant, not inhibit it. You may require a lower dose of the antidepressant. Ask your dr.