Ultram or Ultracet???

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    Sorry for the fibro moment...can't remember how to spell nausia, in other words fell like I'm gonna upchuck but don't. Anyone else get that way? Rhum dr. gave-em to me and told me to take 4 a day. (50 mg.ea.) Hell, when I take 1 it lasts all day. First it helps with the pain, pretty good except for the hips, then feel sick, eat and it's a little better then get sleepy and still feel sick. May be I shouldn't use it at all? He also gave me NEURONTIN 300 MG. and said to take 1 at night. Was so drugged from that that I wasn't worth a crap the whole next day. Maybe I just shouldn't take anything at all since I can't get any releif from the pain meds and just stick to taking 2 restorils at nite to sleep. At least I wake up not feeling druged.
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    eat before you take Ultram....as long as I've taken it, I know from experience that I can be a really sick puppy without FOOD FIRST!!!
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    I took it for many years, like more then 4 years. I was wonderful when it worked. But now it does not work for me anymore. I now take Oxycontin 40mg. Now this works for me! What I like about the Oxy is that you take it in the morning & at night & it is time relessed & it really works! I can tell it is time for another one around the 11th hour. Not bad! First time relessed med I can really tell it's working. I also take Zanaflex & Skalaxin. My new pain med is the best! I got a Lidoderm patch! You were them 12 hours on then 12 hours off! This really helps! For sleep I too take Benadryl along with Malitonin. Nothing really works for sleep with me. I sleep when it catches up to me weather it be night or day. Been doing alot of day sleeping lately! But I'll take sleep whan ever I get it!

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    I only tried it once, and I was awake all night, pacing the floor. Haven't tried it since, as I just cannot deal with going through that again. I don't know if it helps with my pain, as I was thrown into a flare from not sleeping all night! I react badly to most meds, though. Maybe I don't give them enough time to work out the 'bugs', but I can't tolerate them long enough to find out.

    Skelaxin makes me a zombie the next day, as do most muscle relaxants. I have a whole bottle in the cupboard, unused. Valium works best for me as a muscle relaxant. I cut a 5mg tablet in half, and it helps me sleep and relaxes the stiffness in my muscles, and doesn't leave me hung over, unless I take the whole 5mg. Yes, I know, it's addictive! I use it carefully and sparingly.

    Valium and Darvocet are my best choices.

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    Deena wrote: I reported this to my Rheumy Tuesday and she opened my eyes to a few things. She said that there is a distinct difference between Ultram and Tramadol and Pharmacists are being rewarded by the manufacturer of Tramadol when they sway a patient to their product. She also suggested that I complain to the store manager for his suggestion, as he was looking for the prize rather than protecting the patient.

    Is this really true? When I went for my refill last month, my pharmacist just handed me a bottle of Tramadol and said this was the "new" generic for Ultram. I wasn't given the option to choose, since my insurance automatically goes with the generic.
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    Hello Donna -

    My first experience with Ultram was a little rough, but thankfully I tried it again, and really like it now.

    The very first time I took one, 50 mg, it took over an hour to begin working, and when it did, I was knocked off my feet. I was sitting up at the computer, and all of a sudden began sweating, then feeling somewhat nauseous, next thing I knew I was on my hands and knees crawling up the stairs and climbing into bed. My head was spinning and I still felt nauseous & sweaty. About 10 minutes later my body finally adjusted to the dose and I was able to sleep.

    Have to admit it did scare me. What I did was wait a week or so, and because of pain being pretty bad, took 1/2 a pill at night, and this time had no side effect whatsoever. Go figure!!! Now I am safe to take 1/2 in the daytime or night time. Even have tried a whole one, and still don't react as before.

    Hope this helps. Bless You ............. Jillian
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