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  1. JaciBart

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    I take 2 50 mg pills every 4 hours, is this the limit for each dosage, most of the time it does not at all work on my neck???

    Pls tell me if I can take more mgs.

  2. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    I take 2 50 mg pills every 4 hours, is this the limit for each dosage, most of the time it does not at all work on my neck???

    Pls tell me if I can take more mgs.

  3. teach6

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    My understanding is that the maximum dose is 2 50 mg pills 4 times a day. So that's a max of 8 per day. I take 1 four times a day. In addition I take Neurontin and Flexeril at night. My doc doesn't want me to take those during the day because with my CFS and their tendency to cause drowsiness they could make my fatigue worse.

  4. JaciBart

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    I get 5/500 hydrocodone 30 pills per month, it takes 2 to cut the pain so I can get 15 doses only and I have to space it out, he keeps telling me it is addictive. I am now out until Dec 1.


  5. JaciBart

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    ba dump dum........................dum
  6. karen55

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    I have taken Ultram and Ultracet and neither did didley squat for me. My Dr. has been prescribing 5/500 Lortab for me. The past few weeks have been rough ones and I had to take 2 each time to even make a dent in the pain. When I saw the Dr. last Friday, he changed it to the 10/500 Lortab, so getting twice the hydrocodone in each dose, but not the acetaminaphen. I've been taking the 10/500's since last Saturday and it works well for me. I've had 2 days where I took one of the 10/500 Lortab with a Soma in the morning and didn't need anything else all day until bedtime.

    As far as being addictive, I heard that from my ortho and my neurosurgeon and my sister all the time. I have a Dr. now who carefully monitors what I'm taking. I've read so many posts here on addiction/dependance/tolerance. I was worried a while back about the "addiction" issue. I don't feel buzzed or high or dizzy or whatever when I take Lortab, never have. I deliberately did not take any meds for several days because I wanted to see what happened to my body. The only thing I noticed was a whole lot of pain, nothing more, nothing less.

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  7. LisaMay

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    I take 50mg 4 times a day. Sometimes I need a booster (usually 1/2 Soma). They work great for me. I also take Flexeril at night - really does the trick. I sleep well and don't feel too crickity in the morning!

    Hope you find what you need. Lisa
  8. cls

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    I take 2 50 mg tabs 4 times a day. Some days are better than others. Higher doses than that are beyond the recommended dose. I plan on asking my doc if there is anything else I can take on bad days.

    I know that I have developed a dependence on the Ultram, i.e. my body knows when I miss a dose, but that is not the same as addiction. I always worry about my RX running out before I can get a call thru to the doc to renew.
  9. selma

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    I'm taking it 100mgs 3x a day and 1000mg tylenol.

    Try Tylenol with it. Start low since 3000mgs per day is the limit and even that may cause liver damage.

    Hope and pray that you feel better.


  10. JaciBart

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    Is it?

  11. teach6

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    I have to disagree about them being about the same. before I was on Ultram steadily, like I am now I was prescribed one 50 mg tab a day. it was sheer agony when it wore off. I was taking 9 Aleve a day, just to keep the pain somewhat down. Every night I hurt to so much I counted the minutes until I could go to bed and hopefully escape some of the pain through sleep.

    When I asked my curent doc about taking more Ultram and less Aleve he was shocked at how much Aleve I was taking. I had told him, but I think he misread it as three tabs a day, not three tabs, three times a day. I've been on four Ultram per day for about 10 months now and it has made a huge difference in how I feel!

    I also think that taking Flexeril and Neurontin at night helps by making me about pain free when I wake up in the mornings. As the day goes on my pain level increases, but never to anything like it was a year ago.

  12. AnitaQuiles

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    Hi....a few years back I was taking lortab 5 and I was such a happy person! I actually felt so good that I was able to climb up a mountain while I went to visit my grandmother.

    It was prescribed to me by the pain management doctor, and since he is not my primary care phys., and he left to another town...It was decided by my prim. care phys that it ws a habit forming drug...etc, etc..he took it off, gave me vioxx, ultram, celebrex, vextra, and others that did nothing for my constant pain..Since then I have been going DOWN, DOWN< and DOWN>
    Recently I told the rheumatologist that I NEED to take this lortab again, so they have prescribed it again, but only for flare ups....I take Ultracet too. But I can vouch for Lortab. I rather have a good day with Lortab than a not so good day with Ultracet.....but I have to follow doctors orders because of other conditions that I have. So if you can...take it! A downsize of Lortab: Since it is a narcotic you cannot serve a a JUROR if you get called for jury duty. Thought I let you know.
    take care.