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    For those of us taking tramadol (ultram) here is what I found out concerning it's removal, etc..

    From the DEA: They have a "interest" in tramadol for the street users interest in it. The interest is low, but they are keeping an eye on things.

    That is as far as the DEA can go. They cannot re-schedule drugs without FDA recommending it.

    From the FDA: This is from an article written in January, 2005. Tramadol exposure is suppressed in the addiction communities that had the preferred, more potent and euphoric opiods then tramadol. Degree of physical dependence is mild.

    The FDA did not recommend changing tramadol's unscheduled status .... abuse risk to the general population is low.
    The manufacture did list in the information label that it does act on the opiate receptor site and people with opiate addiction could be at risk.

    As far as any removal or recall rumors go: In May of 2005 the manufacturing company ABLE LAB. volunteerily recalled several of their pills/capsules. Tramadol was on this list, but it wasn't tramadol itself, but ABLE LAB'S manufacture process.

    The FDA sited this company for many Quality Assurance Standards and all of their drugs were recalled.

    If someone wants more info on this for pill imprinting, etc I found it on the FDA website.

    So, tramadol is not going to be pulled. It is still considered safe. If anyone wants to stop taking tramadol and has been taking it long term, they need to taper off slowly like many of our medications.

    I hope this helps some. I didn't like having to go after this information myself, but since I take tramadol everyday
    I felt I ought to find out more about the "rumor".

    Take care,

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    i did not hear about the dea and opiate use til now. i searched here and finally found this from you about it. i do not take ultram, it caused pain in my heart, ( i do not remember what the nurse called it, but it was not good). but i do take tylenol 3 and soma. this has been the greatest help. i had to go through an internist review to get it from my reg. doc. but after that he has no problem giving it to me. i do not abuse it and use it(ty 3) only for pain. sometimes it is 2-3 days in a row that i need it, but after that poof, i am better. when i feel a muscle starting to spasm i take the soma and go on with life. no addiction prob. thank god. i know i am lucky to only take 3 meds for fibro, not because other docs would not prescibe something, but because they tried to get me to take things that i know leave me drugged out for days. being honest with them just infuriated those "know it all" docs. not everyone wants the after effects of amitriptilyne. if i want to get stupid and messed up, i drink my wine. i do not do that very often. anyway, thanks for this info today. i was concerned my doc would take me off something that helps. now i know he will not just because of this dea stuff. such a relief for unknown friends like the ones here.
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