Ultram & Soma addictive?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Katseye, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. Katseye

    Katseye New Member

    Hi, I've been on Soma and Ultram daily for two years. Both help manage pain with FM and arthritis. Now I've heard both are highly addictive, something the doctor never mention. Can anyone share with their experience with either drug and their possible addictive qualities? Will I go through withdrawls if/when I go off them?
  2. Katseye

    Katseye New Member

    Hi, I've been on Soma and Ultram daily for two years. Both help manage pain with FM and arthritis. Now I've heard both are highly addictive, something the doctor never mention. Can anyone share with their experience with either drug and their possible addictive qualities? Will I go through withdrawls if/when I go off them?
  3. Shoobie

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    Welcome to the board!

    Check out the post "Ultram or Ultracet?" posted by Milo83. There's alot of good info on this subject there.

    I've never taken Soma before but I'm sure plenty on this board have and can answer your question.

    Also, try typing in both these words into the "Search messages" box at the top of the screen. You can look through old posts on these subjects as well.

  4. kadywill

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    I have taken both of these plus numerous other meds for years and I am able to stop any time I get the urge for a drug-free holiday; which I do often. I have heard these things, too, but as a nurse, I am privy to much medical info and many of my patients take these meds for short and/or long-term use. I do know, however, that I practically die without the Ultram. The Soma is great, but the Ultram is necessary. (I'd been off of it for 6 weeks while I was taking Vicodin and/or Percocet for a broken foot...no withdrawal symptoms, but the pain was never relieved by the other two until I restarted the Ultram! Everyone has different reactions to this med. It never did a thing to help my husband's arthritis symptoms!
    No worries here, Mate!
  5. jaysie99

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    You can become physically dependent on Soma. That doesn't mean it isn't a good medicine. It is the best muscle relaxant I have ever taken. However, you should not stop it suddenly without a Doctors supervision.

    I don't know about Ultram. You can search Soma and Ultram both and find out all you want to know.

    Take Good Care,

  6. Shirl

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    Hello Katseye, welcome to the board. Glad to have you join us.

    Along with the other advice you have received, you can check this website for those two drugs; www.medscape.com

    It is very helpful, and easy to understand for layman!

    Again, welcome.

    Shalom, Shirl
  7. MsJoey

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    dependent on it, since it helps so much and kicks in so quickly. However I do not believe I am addicted to it. I can go without it if I have to and when I forget. Ultram was totally like a placebo for me. I noticed absolutely nothing from it. Tried it for a month, too. Still & all, even due to "dependency" on soma, I doubt if I would quit it cold turkey. I'd cut down first, then stop. I would question the fact about addiction vs. dependency on the narcotics I take though. I would have to say my body is more than likely addicted to it. But I don't ever get a "high" or a "buzz" or "warm fuzzies" from it. NEVER! I just went off prozac after taking it for 8 yrs. and it took about 3 months to get totally off it. It was NOT easy. Side effects were awful. Now, was that addiction, dependency or both?!?!?!?!?! I've had terrible electrical like sensations in my head and eyes, like vertigo and other weird things while going off it, and even occasionally now. I think that must be the "seizures" that people here talk about. The brain's electronic system is malfunctioning. Does not compute! LOL. Gotta keep the humor. When I lose that, I will be ready for the boneyard.
  8. Allen2

    Allen2 New Member

    Soma, Ultram and the various pain killers(eg, the ones using opioids like Vicodin) are not addicting. Numerous studies have shown that people with chronic, nonmalignant pain rarely have problems with addiction to prescription pain meds. If the meds give you relief from debilitating pain, you are unlikely to take for recreational use. You just want to live!!! Properly administered, these wonderful meds are a Godsend, Al
  9. PMangels

    PMangels New Member

    I don't know about Soma but I take Ultram when I need it. I asked my rheumy that very question and she said Ultram is not addictive. I've had no problem with it.

  10. selma

    selma New Member

    Just a note. WhaT if you become dependent?

    If you have to come off them, you will. I only know I take both now and don't care/worry about it. Since it helps, I use them.
    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Only Kidding.

    They're not like other meds. Try them.

    Love, Selma
  11. nje

    nje New Member

    about2 years ago i was totally addicted to lortab,and have read that it is the no.1 painkiller that is addictive,well i knew i couldn`t go on doing that,taking pain killers just to get a buzz,so i see a counsellor and went off the lortab cold turkey,let me tell you, never,ever do that with any medicine because the withdrawels i had from coming off the lortab was as bad if not worse than fibro, for about 3 days i was in bed,diareah,nauseous,restless legs like you wouldn`t believe, your body jumps and jerks automatically.after the third day,you start to get able to get out of bed, but you`re weak as a kitten,so depressed you want to die almost,that will leave you gradually over the next 1-2 weeks. well needless to say the ultram i am taking now,does not give me a buzz, nor do i want a buzz, i take my meds exactly how my doctor wants me too. i can honestly say i`m not worried about becoming addicted to this or any other drug,i remember those withdrawels i had, that alone would be enough to stop me if i ever thought of abusing the meds. so don`t worry too much about getting addicted because like someone else posted ,people with chronic pain aren`t looking for a buzz just relief from the pain,and that is alll!!!!!!!!!!! i want.
  12. sheelanagigs

    sheelanagigs New Member

    people with pain do not get addicted. there is something about what pain does to opioid receptors that opioid type meds help with the pain but doesn't do addiction.

    ultram is not addictive; soma is psychologically and somewhat physically addictive. HOWEVER if you have been on these meds for two years and the pain is relieved and you are not increasing the amount of dosage of either of these significantly in those two years, i wouldn't worry about it. for me, this stuff is a quality of life issue. pain does not equal quality of life for me and if i am on an addictive medication and i am not "craving" the drug and/or using it to medicate my emotional stuff and the dosage has only increasesd slightly or not at all, don't worry about it.

    there are all types of stuff to help with pain, from eye drops to oxytocin to dextromothorphan to homeopathy etc etc and different meds of course, from klonopin to tricyclic antidepressants to flexaril and on and on.....but don't fix it if it ain't broke...

  13. garyandkim

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    I have never had a problem with them. It can give some an addictive action. Soma I some times don't get the refil for several days and had no problems. When I swithched from Ultram to Darvon and now Norco. Are you thinking of stopping and/or having trouble getting off. Then talk to your doc. I am not planning on stopping my pain meds unless I no longer need them. There is a difference between addition and dependance. One is a craving for the drug and a must have even if not needed the other a reliance on relief.

    Hope this helps some, Kim
  14. Lynda B.

    Lynda B. New Member

    I use Soma with something else like NSAIDS or pain relievers because of the synergy. It does not help me alone. It is absoluetly addictive. One can get off of the med if and when you choose. Just cut down the dose little by little. I have done that too. It is not like some meds that are difficult to give up. My thinking is that it helps right now, so I take it and my quality of life is better.

    Lynda B.
  15. LisaMay

    LisaMay New Member

    I have been taking Ultram 50mg 2x day for 4 months. In July, my rheumy put me on Soma 350mg 3x a day. I was higher than a kite and could not function. It was so bad, my husband had to call the doc to straighten things out. We cut the Soma in 1/2 to relieve my flying capabilities.

    I saw a 2nd rheumy (for 2nd opinion) and he told me that Soma is very addictive. I have an addictive personality, so that really freaked me out. I stopped immediately. As soon as I stopped, I got a fever and a wicked chest cold. Was this a coincidence? I was sicker than a dog during my whole vacation and in a lot of pain. He also told me to split my Ultram in 1/2 and take 4X a day. This is not working for me.

    After speaking with my PCP (I like her the best), she said I could take Ultram 50mg 4x day with no problem, take 1/2 Soma as needed up to 2x day with no problem, and added Mobic 7.5mg 2x day. This seems to tide me over for the moment...

    I hope you find what you are looking for to help you get through this DD. Lisa
  16. Allen2

    Allen2 New Member

    I think your rheumie's dire warnings re Soma show that there are still docs out there with Medieval views of pain killers. Believe me, I have met them. They receive very little training on pain management and share our society's overreaction to drug addiction. If you are taking a pain-killer under the care of a doc for significant pain you are extremely unlikely to become addicted. I have seen 5 to 7 scientific studies involving control groups that have put to rest people's views of these meds as scary monsters. Also, they do not just cover the symptoms: unrelieved pain is itself a disease with potential to damage the nervous system let alone send you thru hell. Al
  17. Copper2002

    Copper2002 New Member

    ....the way you phrased this:

    "One is a craving for the drug and a must have even if not needed the other a reliance on relief."

    very succinct statement! Thanks, Kim. And HI GARY!

    I don't use either, so can't comment there. But, the fear of addiction is mostly unwarranted. The 'dependency' c**p is really too much malarkey pumped out by a mostly-ignorant medical system. When TRUTHFULLY taken to relieve pain, the meds are absorbed thru pain receptors (TOTALLY inaccurate, but illustrates the apparent mechanism) so that there really isn't any med left over to get high. If taking meds is accompanied by a buzz (which I interpret as a pleasurable feeling, NOT the sick, fuzzy-headed, confused feeling of too much or wrong med), then this med is OBVIOUSLY not a good one for you.

    If depending on a med that really is relieving your pain is considered 'addicted', then it is time to eliminate ANY med that helps a diabetic stay alive, or an organ transplant
    recipient, or someone with emphysema being on constant oxygen! Sometimes people REQUIRE meds to maintain a decent (or any) quality of life. The need to relieve pain is no less valid a reason to rely on medications than any other illness. Whether lab tests can prove our point or not, we are still entitled to the appropriate medications, as well as the RESPECT that is passed out with any other ill persons meds!

    Let Miracles Replace all Grievances
  18. fibolady

    fibolady New Member

    for years and years without having to increase dosage. i'm over feeling guilty about taking med's, it's how i have to function with this dd.

    i take flexeril when i feel really "tightened up" it is a muscle relaxer and not addictive. i can't even really tell i'm taking it, i just know my muscles don't get worse!!

    beware of switching to the generic of ultram, tramadol. i had horrible experience with it. terrible headaches.

    warm regards, fibolady

  19. Katseye

    Katseye New Member

    At my last appt. with the Reumotologist, he announced to me that Soma was now a controlled substance and would no longer prescribe it...... what an idiot......Instead of using common sense and gradually weening me off the drug, that I'd taken three times a day for years, he took me off cold turkey. I was sick as hell. Thankfully, I discovered I did have one last refill and absolutely had to fill it. Now I'm playing doctor and I'm weening myself off it. Go to another reumotogist? He's the only one on my provider list and I can't afford to pay myself. I've tried all the other muscle relaxers, but they're like water to me. Some actually tighten my muscles further!
    I appreciate the advice I've received and can not agree more with the fact that there's a major difference between addiction and dependence.