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  1. simonedb

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    I am thinking of trying it again (unfortunately the ldn was a bust for me, I still recommend it to some people to try, i think my sensitivities, extreme mcs,and chronic pain made it too challenging for me, but thats another story)

    the last time I tried ultram, it screwed up my sleep schedule, i can't remember if i took it in day or night, probably tried both, but it took me weeks or more to get the time i fall asleep back down a bit. actually trying doxepin sort of did same thing, maybe its the serotonin part of mechanism in a med that messes up my sleep.
    anyway, want to find a way to deal with pain again thats reliable and less side fx, i remember ultram did help with the pain part.
    SO has anyone else had the sleep disturbance with ultram and if so did u find a way or time to take it to minimize that?
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  2. tig519

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    I take the non time released version of Ultram, generic Tramadol. This way I can control when I take it. I had the same problem as you. Funny thing is my doctor said that most people feel sleepy with this med. Anyway... I find I can't take past 3pm in order to sleep at night. Sort of the same rule I have for caffeine. I also take ambien for sleep. Even with that, if I were to take Tramadol after 3pm, I won't get to sleep even with ambien.

    I try to take by 8am, and then again between 1pm-2pm.

    Good luck.
  3. jole

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    I take Ultram 100 mg...suppose to take it every 4-6 hours as needed, and have been told to take it whether I feel I need it or not in order to keep it in my system to keep the pain level down. Well, I don't feel comfortable taking that much, so only take it when the pain is intolerable.

    I have been taking it for going on 5 years, and don't notice a difference if I take it 4 times a day or once a day....I rarely sleep well. It's usually 2 in the morning before I go to sleep, and may be back up at 4-6 am. I think it's just part of the DD for me.

    The Ultram does seem to take the edge off the pain, and would do better at controlling it if I took it like it was prescribed....but I hate to take meds!

    I hope you have better luck with your next try, but I don't think it's the Ultram....may be wrong though***Jole***
  4. yuckie

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    I've been taken ultram for 4 years now and did have trouble early on with sleeping if I took it in the afternoon...after 3 or 4. I take ultram (50mg) at 6am and again at 10am. In the afternoon I switch to Vicodin (5mg) and again at bedtime. I also take 7mg of doxepin at bedtime. I would never be able to sleep if I took ultram before bed. I hope this helps. Janice
  5. simonedb

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    i havent tried it yet
    will try the a.m.
    whatever time i did take it at a couple years ago though it made me sleepy during day and awake at night and i just remembered it made me look high, hmmm, iwill have to gear up for this experiment again
  6. gapsych

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    I know exactly what you mean. I have been thinking about going to the extended release Ultram.

    Interesting to know that you do not notice a difference when you take it at different times.

    My doctor did say to take it even if I felt okay but like you I hate to take meds. if not needed.

    BTW, I have never felt sleepy nor hyped up on the Ultram. Shows how we all react differently to things.

    So far it has been very effective at controlling the pain. Someone suggested Tylenol if you are getting break through pain. I had forgotten that my doctor said the same thing. You can take the highest dose of each but not at the same time.

    I sometimes wonder if there are any other illnessess where responses to treatments, medications are so different depending on the person.

  7. simonedb

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    how long have you been on it? any side effect you don't like?
    did anyone get headaches tht went away?
  8. Beadlady

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    for about 3 years--maybe longer. I started out taking 50 mg 3 times a day and later that wasn't enough so we changed it 100 mg 3 times a day. Some days I only take it 2 times a day or if I'm going to be driving I may split up the dose over a longer period of time.

    I also take generic neurtoin & I think that one makes me sleepy--so I split that dose around too. I think my dose is 100 mg 3 times a day too however my pills are 50 mg.

    I don't know if the generic tramadol keeps me awake or not. I take generic Ambien and sometimes it works fast and sometimes it doesn't.--I think that is related to whether I;ve had caffiene that day or not.

  9. Janalynn

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    I tried Tramadol for a very short period of time. It didn't help with my pain, so I had to go back to Vicodin, but I remember taking Tylenol PM at night. Slept like a baby. (okay a newborn who wakes up every 5 hours), but that was better than most nights. I wasn't taking much Tramadol during the day, maybe 2 50 mgs pills? I can't remember if Tramadol has Tylenol in it, so of course you'd just need to make sure you weren't exceeding the daily limit.

    Could've been just a stage I was going through with sleep, cause really there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason for half of the things that go on in this body of mine.
  10. RatsWife

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    Having read your posts I can agree that the generic form I've been taking might make falling asleep a bit more elusive. Hmmmm.

    I know that it enhances other medication properties.

    So I take it with 50-75mg of "benadryl" an hour or two before I want to fall asleep.
  11. italiano

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    i am jumping in here. Has anyone experienced palpitations when taking the ultram?
    great posts...tx.
  12. italiano

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    thanks so much!
  13. hensue

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    Taken the generic tramadol 100 once a day puts me to sleep but does help the pain. When i say puts me to sleep it calms me but for some reason i could not take it at night i thought it just interfered with my night time med.
    So what to do I am like GA physc do you get a headache and why with ultram er 200 mg?