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    Please beaware that you can call or email the DEA for questions on ALL drugs..I did a few years ago and they are very helpful and nice people....if you go to their homepage
    the first thing you see is:

    "Stay Informed About Drugs in America
    DEA to Provide Updates via E-mail"

    So if you dont want to call, email them!

    To many people on the board are upset because of rumors..the Tramadol/Ultram/Ultracet is the newst scare...

    On their website currently it says:

    Control status:

    "Tramadol is not controlled under the CSA but is under review for possible control."

    Comments and additional information are welcomed by the Drug and Chemical Evaluation Section, FAX 202-353-1263 or telephone 202-307-7183.

    So use your tax moneys you have already paid and call them!
    Thanks JGavi
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  2. orachel

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    ...Just flat out isn't helping, period?! I'm taking the maximum legal dose, 400mg per 24 hrs....and it literally doesn't even touch, let alone take the edge off my pain. I'm seriously ready to literally lose my mind with the nonstop EXTREME pain (we're talking avg 8-9 range, with 10 being trip to ER...and there have been a ton of 10's in there, too!!!)

    I've been sick for 4 mos, and the horrific pain has not let up AT ALL except was a bit better for about 3 days (still awful, but not horrific) when my neurological problems got so scary and weird that my doctor (physical medicine doc) sent me to the er as he was worried about mini strokes.

    My doc does not want to prescribe anything stronger, which I totally understand as his focus is physical rehab. The problem is that I am totally devoted to my aquatic therapy (literally can only stand abt 15 mins of the most mild aquatic therapy at this point). I'm just losing my mind with the pain!

    I see my doc on Monday, and I've asked him the last 2 visits to recognize that though his other patients may be "fine" on ultram alone at lower doses, most of his other patients are fully functional and able to work full time. As he's told me, most of his other FM/CFS patients have occasional "flu like" flares for few days few times a year.

    I've tried to explain that I would do anything on earth to be like one of them. I'm not able to work right now, my pain is so extraordinary that even with visualization, meditation, ect...self massage, everything, it is still literally DISABLING, period.

    I know the DEA controls other "controlled substances" and I wish more than anything on earth there were a stronger pain killer (or one that just "worked" for me better) that wasn't narcotic, but THERE ISN"T. I'm literally terrified that this pain is going to alter my personality forever. Eventually I will not even be able to manage the small activity I do now (can occasionally load diswasher and bathe myself, even if it does hurt like crazy!) because I'll just want to crawl into a hole and die.

    I understand now why so many sufferers of chronic pain become junkies! I've never been a "recreational drug" user, and I certainly wouldn't do something like that now. But it is taking every bit of self control I have not to chug a bottle of wine every night just to get a teensy tiny bit of relief. I don't, or drink at all now, because of my medications.


    Like I said, I'm doing everything he wants me to to "stay conditioned"...I've really never been an inactive person. I'm doing the aquatic therapy, I'm seeing a PHD who specializes in pain management. I'm eating healthy and taking supplements, plus tons of stuff he'd never think of like meditation, etc.

    I can no longer drive at all do to the neurological disturbances I'm having...plus the DISTRACTION of the pain is totally uncontrollable. Cannot focus on ANYTHING for long, reading, writing, tv...nothing due to the distraction of the pain.

    WHAT THE HECK DO I DO? I'm trying everything on earth to be a positive person, and I have so many ideas of ways I can be productive member of society even if I am relatively homebound for an indefinite period (I'M 30 YRS OLD!!!) but I have no strength for any of that or even enough strength to get the most out of physical therapy.

    I'm totally at a loss. But literally, I think this pain, if it goes on much longer, will simply crack me into pieces....literally and figuratively.


    Hugs to all,

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  3. Bambi

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    you to read Chris's post. People who are taking pain medications for their pain are not junkies. There are many sources of accurate information if you look for them. But Chris's post which is an article by a cancer specialist is the best I've ever read and explains things so wonderfully.

    I do think you would only improve your situation if you find out a little more about pain and what it can do. It CAN permanently damage your nerves if left untreated. It is a disease all it's own. Good luck.
  4. elsa

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    Bambi gave you some really good advice. I know you would rather go the holistic route but you've got to get this pain under control, so you CAN work on the underlying issues.

    The first thing you need to do is adjust your thinking on pain medication. You are not going to be a junkie if you use narcotic pain relievers. (I know you didn't mean to infer that chronic pain patients are junkies.) Your FM pain is out of control and doing you some serious damage.

    Bambi was right about causing permanant nerve damage if your pain is not treated properly. You are also running the risk of muscle damage here.

    You are new to this illness, if you treat your pain agressively now, there is hope for a better quality of life later without permanant damage.

    I'm sorry your pain is so bad that tramadol is not touching it. That is some SERIOUS pain. My first thought was tramadol with break thru narcotic pain rx. I re-thought that one though. It makes no sense to keep taking something that is wholly inadequate at this time.

    That brought me to thinking about stopping tramadol and taking one of the more stronger meds. This isn't a life sentence ... ( the stronger rx )... you would be doing this to break the cycle of pain, get it under control so you can get on with treating this illness. Nothing says that later you couldn't back down to a lesser pain rx.

    The last thing I thought about is you need a more appropriate doctor. We are not a one size fits all illness. Who cares about his other patients ... he is suppose to be treating you as an individual. You need what you need and to heck with the rest of his patients.

    I know the last thing you want to hear is you need to go in search of another doctor when you are in so much pain you can't move. You can do it ... you need to do it. Get the pain under control and there won't be anything you can't accomplish in reaching your remisssion.

    You are very intelligent and motivated and have a good support system around you. Cut yourself a break so you can do what you need to do.

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    I was on a break fromm the Marshall Protocol (different story there and now back on it).

    Anyway, I get good results from Transfer Factors. I tried a new one Transfer Factor 4Life PLUS. Watch the name because 4life makes four different ones (at least) and the PLUS one is the one I used.

    Good grief, I would take my ultram, tylenol and one of these capsules and all my pain would leave. I would feel great. Still can hardly believe it.

    It says to take two capsules but I only took one. I ordered it on one of the online sites. It costs $47 for 60 so that would last me two months.

    Have no idea if this will work for you but you know how we are....gotta keep trying.

    Hugs, Spacee

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