Ultram Update from 3/20/2006

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    Thanks for all of your replies from previous post.

    I also wear a night guard that I had made by my dentist--it needs to be adjusted too--so that could be a contributing factor in my increased pain too.

    I see my dentist on Monday.

    This past week has not been good pain wise--using only 1 ultram--it helps the jaw issue but only 1 pill is increasing my over all pain. ( I work full time and managment is real picky about wheather or not
    my pain shows on my face and if I smile enough---- blah, blah blah****) I'm to the point now that everyone is a "spy" for management & I have NO one at work I can be REAL with & vent for fear that they will run to managment and tell on me) ***I really need this job so i just keep trying to stay afloat, but I know one day I will get the boot to go****

    I think my SED rate has increased again, so I will be talking to my dr about getting another Medrol?? shot. So maybe then 1 tramadol will do the trick.

    Thanks for your reading & any ideas you have.
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