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    Hi! I had an appt. with my Rheumatologist today and I let him know that the Bextra that he prescribed for pain just was NOT cutting it. He gave me a prescription for Ultram and told me to try it and come back in 6 weeks. My concern is that I also take Paxil CR and I have noticed that, in my online research, I see that taking Ultram along with an SSRI could increase the chance of seizures. Do any of you take Ultram with an SSRI such as Paxil, Prozac or Zoloft? Have you had any problems? Should I be concerned? I've never ever had a seizure before. Any comments would be appreciated. I learn sooooo much from this place.
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    You really need to ask your Doctor or pharmasist. It is very dangerous to ask anyone else for this info. I do take ultram and also was on an antidepresant but, my doc and I went over the pro's and con's first. You need to talk to your doc or one of his nurses. It is to easy for a doc to over look one of our meds when we can be on so many of them. I also had a freind on 3 meds who got really sick becouse the doc messed up. Point out your concerns. Just remember to be nice but keep in mind that you are paying him for his services . Not the other way around. To often we let ourselfs be bullied by docs. Hope this helped a little,biggest gentle hugs for you, and Gods greatest blessings, Pegasis
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    I have taken ultram with Paxil, and then later on with lexapro with no problems. We are each different, and I would ask your pharmacist about this, they are usually the most knowledgeable. You might even do some research on line. I believe the seizure incidence with the ultram is very low, and are commonly prescribed with ADs. Most drugs and herbs can have side effects and contra-indications, especially when used in combo. It's best to always check.
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    Hi there. I have taken Ultram and Paxil together for over a month now. When I first got the script for Paxil, I asked my pharmicist about that same issue. He said that it should not be a problem. It can just increase the chance of seizures for people that already have them. And I have not had any problem with it. I hope this helps!