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    Hi, I am a male who has arthritis and FM. I have been taking ULTRAM 50mg/8 per day (2 at a time) for about 5 years. Although it is not a narcotic, you will not be able to get by without it. It definitely makes a difference in the level of pain, especially if combined with an anti depressent ( I have been on all of them). It really will make your mouth dry, other than that, no side effects, can be taken on empty stomach.
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    Hi, I just read your post. Does the Ultram have the same effect as a narcotic pain medication? I have been on Vicodin for several years, and am real reluctant to switch, as the Vicodin does a good job. But sometimes I think that maybe using the same medication for too long could make it lose it's effect on a person. Any thoughts on that?
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    Hi. I have never been on a narcotic pain reliever so really can't answer your question about that. I have been on Ultram for several years and it seems to have the same effect as when I first started it. Of course, all pain relievers are nothing but big band-aids to cover the underlying problem.
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    HI, I took Ultram for about a year. It did help. I have FM/CFS. I did however, cause sexual side effects. AS time went on, my pain became worse and had to go to anonther medication. I hope you have good luck! Sheila Topeka, Ks.
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    Curious, what medication did you go to?
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    Hi,I am still using the Vicodin. I will go to the doctor on Monday New doctor. Maybe he will suggest changing, I don't know.
    Thanks for the replys
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    four times a day.I have been on it for about a year now. I always try to eat something with it because it can irritate your stomach lining if used long enough and cause gastritus of the stomach lining. It can make me feel a little stoned and tired at times but, I am able to still work through it. Not everyone needs it in such high a dosage. I guess I am on the stronger end of it because I also have severve spinal pain. They have doen 3 spinal surgery's and have been told that it is the best that it can get so..... I know, just one more thing to go with the fibro and cfs huh? lol. I don't handle painmeds very well so this is the best one for me. Make sure to talk with your doc about pro's and con's of this med. You can also research it online directly from the company. Just type in Ultram under your search engine. I hope that this helps. If it wasn't for the ultram, I would be a totall invalid. As it is now, I can get up and do the most important things needed each day for the most part. I am also going back to work as a security guard so it has also helped me with that. Huge hugs, Melody (pegasis)