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  1. Chrissy2

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    Hi :eek:)

    My rhuemy put me on Ultraset. I took it this weekend (twice a day). It seemed to make me somewhat edgy, and didn't do much for pain. Anyone else have this experience with it?

  2. Katlover

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    I've been on Ultracet for almost a year. I really haven't had that edgy experience and, for me, it does help with the pain. My doc gave me Lorcet for when the pain is really bad, but thankfully I have not had to use it too much. I have found that with Ultracet I can take it at work and still be able to carry on a somewhat logical conversation
    :) What was your dosage? Could it have been a little too much for your system? I take one to two every four to six hours. I'll be interested to see if others have had your experience. Who knows? I might be the oddball of the bunch!
    Gentle hugs!
  3. Katlover

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    Hopefully someone else will respond!
  4. jeanderek

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    Did nothing for my pain either, it was like taking nothing at all. Didn't have any side effects didnt help the pain. I also tried Ultram too and got the same results. I have heard others praise how well it worked for them but it just did nothing for me at all. I hope you find something that works. Have a great day and best wishes