Ultrasound shows arterial blockage as cause for arm pain/numbness

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    I have had ongoing pins and needles, and pain and numbness, for several years. I’ve always thought it was caused by hyper coagulation, low oxygenation, or neuralgia – something CFS related. It never dawned on me I had vascular problems. Has anyone had anything similar? The ultrasound showed no signs of plaque build up in the arteries so I have no idea of the cause of this blockage. Any ideas? I am going for an MRI next week – I suppose to look for growths or something else putting pressure on the arteries. BUT, it shows blockage on both sides so I don’t know what’s going on. This is very scary.

    The report states: Findings suggesting 50% right common and internal carotid arterial stenosis. 60 to 65% right external carotid arterial stenosis, as well as, 60 to 70% stenosis, left common, internal and external carotid artery although there is no demonstrable plaque formation.

    If anyone can shed some light on this for me I would appreciate it. I did several searches on-line and every thing I read states that stenosis is caused by plaque build up – I could not find reference to any other possible causes.

    I hope you are all doing as well as you can given the circumstances of this DD.


    Sharon L
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    Not only am I very interested to know what others on the board might think about this, like Madwolf or some of the others with medical backgrounds......but I am also interested in knowing what kind of Doc you see who ordered the ultrasound? Also, have you had any indications in any of your bloodwork of anything autoimmune going on?

    I have a firm belief that, as more is learned about FMS/CFS, it will become more clear that it truly is an autoimmune disease that can affect all the same body-wide systems as Lupus or MS, or other autoimmune diseases. I feel certain that vasculitis is a significant contributor to many of our symptoms.

    I am very interested to hear more about these findings, and what else you learn. I sincerely hope that the MRI will not find any growths causing the arterial stenosis, and that you will find some explanations, and then some treatment may be possible.


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    My doc is a general, holistic, MD. She wouldn't do anything about my pain so I did a test at her office called a Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging. The results/report showed hyperthermia on both sides of my neck and suggested I investigate circulatory problems in my neck area with an ultrasound - so my husband finally got my doc to fax a request to our local hospital. I have not been to talk with her about the results of either test as she is out of town.

    I do have one autoimmune problem that I am aware of - Hashimoto's hypothyroidism and I take Armour Thyroid for it.

    I hope the MRI doesn't show any growths either, but I would like to find the cause. A friend mentioned Dysautonomia and I have been reading about that - I'm sure my Autonomic Nervous System is screwed up. I do have low blood pressure 90/55 and a high pulse but my doc and her staff think that's a sign of good health - they act like they've never heard of hypotension. My doc doesn't listen - she thinks she knows it all.

    I will post again on this thread when I find out more.

    love to you all,

    Sharon L

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    but if nanobacteria causes the calcifications I just read about wouldn’t it show up as plaque? I am so tired of dealing with this DD!!!!! Or, whatever this is! I am tired of being poked and prodded and hurt and given treatments that make me sick. I want some relief!

    I am waiting for the results of the nanobacteria test. If it’s positive the doc wants me to go on long term antibiotics and calcium EDTA chelation. I will post again when I get the test results.

    Thank you all for caring enough to be here at this site. I hope you all have as good an evening as possible considering this DD.

    Sharon L

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    I went to a surgeon about a painful cyst in my breast and asked him if the pain could be associated with the blocked carotid artery. He read the report of the ultrasound I had just done and wanted another test – a Doppler ultrasound. My insurance would only cover an MRA and the surgeon said they are worthless so we paid out of pocket for this test BUT it was worth every penny! The Doppler showed minimal blockage - 16% on one side and 25% on the other - NOT THE 60% & 75% THE FIRST TEST SHOWED. The guy doing the Doppler said that the hospitals figure the blockage by the blood flow rate and not by the actual artery!!! That's why the report said 'no plaque' but the blockage % was so bad. He said they use some antiquated 'flow chart' based on geriatric patients. He said the amount I have is normal for someone my age. He also said that insurance plans will cover the $6000 MRA (which is not accurate) but will not cover the $140 doppler which can be used for surgery because it is so accurate. The health industry is insane!

    While we were there he told us he just tested a woman for vascular problems in her legs who had just done an angiogram that was inconclusive. The dye in the angiogram destroyed her kidneys and she is now on dialysis. She came into his office and he checked her legs with the Doppler ultrasound and there was no blockage or anything - she was fine - except for kidney dialysis for the rest of her life. Just for a damn test! It is so sad. It's criminal what they do to people.

    I also dodged a bullet with the Nanobacteria – it was negative. My doc (who happens to run a chelation clinic) has been trying for months to get me to do vitamin IV drips. I tried it twice and it hurt too much and sitting there in pain with a room full of strangers was intolerable. So she came up with the Nanobacteria theory. I could see dollar signs in her eyes when she said I would test positive and I would require chelation to clear my blocked arteries. Are all doctors greedy scum? The entire health system is run by greed.

    It sucks we have to learn these things the hard way. Just wanted to update this thread in case someone was following it.

    Bless you all.

    Sharon L
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    I can't help with info, but you are in my prayers and thoughts.

    Love, Mikie