umf manuka honey for viruses

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    Here is another honey i have been reading alot on called manuka honey . Only i was told that you must use only the umf grade. It is suppose to help with digestion,ibs ulcers , colitis , and viruses , herbies ,etc. Anyway i did order my first jar and it does have like some sort of hydrogen peroxide effect to it . It even proclaims to kill MRSA so i figured this must be really good stuff. It is expensive but if it helps even 2 of my problems it sure would be great. The name of the dr. that recommends this is Dr.David Williams. Please let me know if anyone else has tried this . Thanks crickett
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    I have eaten manuka honey for the past 2 years. But, I didn't know it helps against viruses, etc. I read that it's just much better than regular honey, that's all...I haven't noticed any big differences in my health other than I have been the worst in the past 6 months. Is there a recommended dosage? Have you also tried royal jelly?
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    Just found this link explaining about UMF
    Pretty interesting!

    This is honey that I use It's raw and organic.
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    Manuka honey is used in hospitals in New Zealand and in England to treat wounds and skin infections, including MRSA. It is used in the same manner as a topical ointment. It has also shown to be useful for GERD, heartburn, diarrhea, indigestion, and stomach ulcers. Some naturopaths recommend taking Manuka honey when on antibiotics, as it helps to keep bacteria in check. I'm sure there are many other ocassions when Manuka would also be beneficial.

    I tried Manuka several years ago, however, it was more out of curiousity, rather than an actual need. It tasted good, however, I couldn't justify spending that much money on a small jar of honey.

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    panthere. Did you use the UMF grade??? I was told to use the umf grade and to make sure it was 16 or higher because of the medicine grade quality. please let me know i am so curious on this product. thanks crickett
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    Crickett, I used 15 UMF. Maybe you are right, it has to be higher than 16 to have medicinal effect. Let me know if you find a good one!
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    I'm a big honey user. I have used Manuka honey in the past, but really raw honey (it's name you can goggle) which is raw unfiltered has all the stuff in it honey, works just as well and doesn't cost near as much. I get 5lbs for the cost of a small jar of Manuka.

    It does work wonders on wounds. My husband got a bad 2nd degree burn on his hand and he let me experiment on it by using my honey and collidial silver. The results were amazing. The honey took away the pain, healed the burn, and spared his nerves, which you will have nerve loss with reg. med treatment. I treated the burn 2 x a day until it healed.

    A couple of wks after he burned himself he had a burn nurse look at it and she could not believe he got the kind of healing he got from honey & silver. She was flabergasted. I don't think she really believed we did nothing else.

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