(Umibear) and Social Security Applicants: Important Info

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    I was surfing sites and found some very important info
    for people going through the disability process. A lawyer says a recent l999 ruling (SSR99 -2p) clarifies that the treating physician must be considered the PRIMARY INFO SOURCE about the applicants disability status. In the past,medical evaluators who saw a patient only once to render an opinion on functional capacity were given the same credence as a longer term or treating doctor. Also, an administrative law judge cannot reject a a claim based on absence of abnormal lab findings --SSA policy for CFIS and FMS said there "is no dip-stick lab test" (Hallingring v. Callahan 1997). Furthermore, becausse the method of diagnosing is limited, the CLAIMANT's testimony is enhanced (Reed v. Sec of H & H l992). So, make sure you and/or laywer are aware of these facts and rulings; and make sure that social security knows that you know these things! Make sure "99-2p" is on your application. I got this excellent info from a lawer on a site which you could find by looking at disabilityassistance followed by the usual suffix. Let us know how it goes. Don't give in or give up!
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    Did I read somewhere on this board that in order to get SSD that you had to have documentation by a rheumy?
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    Thanks for this info. I'll sure keep it in mind. My appointment is today and I've been awake since 5:30 a.m., when I had a horrid nightmare. My stomach's upset and my chest hurts, but fortunately my appointment is early, at 10 a.m., so it'll be over with shortly. Thanks to you all for the support.