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    This was Betty Kamen's Hint today.

    Hint 2330: The greatest hint of all: eating a small amount of the right kind of dark chocolate each day can help combat the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).
    Dark chocolate has been frequently touted as a "healthful" indulgence because of its high levels of polyphenols and flavonols. These work to protect your body from cell damage.

    Participants in a study reported feeling less fatigue after eating the dark chocolate and complained of greater tiredness when fed a placebo. None of those who took part in the research reported any weight gain as a result of the study.

    It is believed that chocolate enhances the action of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, responsible for regulating mood and sleep. This explains why the product can alleviate CFS.

    The chocolate used in the study contained 85 percent cocoa, was rich in polyphenols, and was specially formulated.

    Source: Report by UK researchers available on the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust website, reported Dec 19, 2006.
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    apparently a small piece of above 75% cocoa chocolate on a daily basis is good for everyone.

    But I cant eat a small piece of chocolate........

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    Did a report on chocolate awhile back and said Dove chocolate (dark) was one of the better one.

    I buy a bag everytime i shop. Its great chocolate, individual wrapped in bite sizes!

    From one Chocoaholic to another!

    P.S. personally i find the dark chocolate keeps me from It's more satisfing and less addictive than milk.
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    Eat one of EACH :)