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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rosie, May 10, 2003.

  1. Rosie

    Rosie New Member

    I'm really having a rough time with pain in my joints from the FM. I'm on amitriptyline at bedtime and then when I wake up a few hours later, I've been trying to get up and take a xanax to get through the rest of the night. None of this is really helping at this point. I live in a rural area in Vermont and wanted to know if there was anything else I can take. I am planning to move to Phoenix and I hope that the dry heat will help. Unfortunatly, I also have MS, which doesn't like the heat, but the FM is more of a problem these days. My G.P. just doesn't really know what to do. He doesn't know of a Rhumatiodologist to recommend. I was going to ask my Neurologist, and see if he could recommend anyone. I've only had the FM for three years and it has always been a problem at night, but never around the clock. The pain is going from weeks to months. I do sit in a jacuzzi and that helps for a couple hours.
    Any Ideas?
    Take care,
  2. kmelodyg

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    Hi there! Welcome to the board! Are you on any pain medication? If not, why? I would not be able to ever function without it!! There are soooo many different kinds out there. You should definatly discuss this with your doctor. Good luck!!

  3. Princessraye

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    I too have had luck with Solanpas pain patches and surprise they are not expensive. They don't take my pain away but do take that edge off.

    At other times, an ice pack helps me.

    Make sure your bed is as comfy as you can have it and that your room temperature is not real warm and dry.

    Hope this helps !
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Try to find a pain specialist. Other docs just don't get our kind of pain. I never thought I would ever take an opiod, but believe me, I changed my mind when my pain got so bad. I no longer have to take them because I have found other ways to deal with my pain, but they were a God send when I needed them.

    Love, Mikie
  5. horsegal

    horsegal New Member

    Mikie...What other ways did you or do you use for pain other than pain meds?
  6. IndigoSC

    IndigoSC New Member

    I also take the Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM capsules which is supposed to really help with joints...not much for muscles, but for the joints. Also Magnesium and Calcium help some with the joints.
  7. jka

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    my rhumy said there was nothing he could-no inflamation going on.i have found using emu oil at night on my hands helps.put cotton gloves on over the oil.it will soak into your skin-but takes awhile.you can also use during the day.i also have lupus and have been using it for years.

    kathy c
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  8. Rosie

    Rosie New Member

    I sure hope that I'm replying in the right way....FM hasn't been much of a problem until now...my MS has really over shadowed the managment of the FM...I did read through the posts on pain and was thinking that I would talk to my doctor about Ultram or Oxycontin..This patch that some have posted seems like a good idea, and I'm going to look for it.
    Thanks and take care,
  9. Rosie

    Rosie New Member

    Thanks for the Info. as I said in the last post...I'm gonna try those patches. I do sit in the jacuzzi right before bed, but it would be no problem to do it earlier...I will try it.
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  10. Rosie

    Rosie New Member

    I'm not sure how to track down a pain specialest? There are not a lot of resources here, but I can check around.
    Good idea, Take care,
  11. Rosie

    Rosie New Member

    My hands don't bother me all that much at night..during the day they give me more problems. Where do you get this Oil that you were talking about?
    Take care,
  12. Rosie

    Rosie New Member

    I wanted you to know that I haven't been able to find SALONPAS, but did get a patch to put on at night for arthritis. The first night I tried it, I couldn't believe that I slept the entire night, with out being in pain. Haven't done that for many months! I live in Vermont right now, and so drug stores are pretty limited in what they offer, but I'm going to look for it on the internet.
    Thank you so much!
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Rose, ask your doc for a referral to a pain specialist. If he or she doesn't know a good one, check the yellow pages or your healthcare directory (if you have managed-care insurance) and call their offices and ask plenty of question.

    Horsegal, I have been on the Guaifenesin treatment for two years. It has allowed me to go off my Morphine and usually take nothing for pain now. I also take Klonopin for sleep, anxiety, and sensory overload. Researchers think the Klonopin disrupts pain signals in the brain. Every since Morphine started giving me pain relief, I have been able to do physical therapy, working up to exercising. The stretching and flexing of the muscles keeps the pain level down. Taking magnesium is excellent for pain. The ZMA sold here is wonderful for increasing sleep and repairing muscles during sleep.

    I like a lot of variety in my exercising. I live in Florida, so I can swim year round. In the summer, swimming at night is wonderful. I do Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates from tapes. I also have a Hip Hop Tape, but my brain doesn't allow me to pick up dance routines easily. Plain old walking or biking are good as is weight training, even with light weights. If you pretend a 2 # weight weighs 35 #'s and use resistance when lifting it, your body doesn't know the difference and will respond as though you are lifting 35 #'s. Just be sure to breathe!

    Love, Mikie