Unable to get outside much due to air pollution

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by runningstream6, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. runningstream6

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    Hi out there

    Wishing you all some pain-free time.

    I was wondering if anyone else has trouble spending time outside because of air pollution. I used to go for short walks but am now finding the air pollution affects my breathing too much. More and more i'm beginning to feel like a prisoner in my home as i don't have access to a car.

    Feeling lonely and isolated

    my dream is to walk to a stream and just sit by it.
  2. imsheena

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    Hi there...I have the same problem with allergies. On certain days, mostly in the summer I can't stay out too long. The pollen gets to me and the cutting of grass or hay...you name it it get to me and I can't hardly breath. Mildew is really an enemy to me. I get a anxiety attack because I can't breath. its awful I know. I take Allergra-D twice a day. It seems to help alot. But for some things in the air it doesn't. So I know how you feel. I live in PA...and its one of the worse places to live with allergies. Even at night I have a hard time if the fan is on for hubby and the dust is flying around. I wake up with a sinus headache, which sets off a doozy of a migraine...sheesh. Hope you don't have that problem. I know when my allergies start kickin in I feel like death warmed over..it puts me right in the dirt. Hope and pray your feeling better today...((((Hugs))) your Fibro sister...Diana
  3. Pindooca

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    Oh yeah, it's horrible here for allergies. I live in a building build in the 1700s, so you can imagine the mildew indoors. Outside is just as bad. Somedays, it's just unbearable.

    I started OLE 10 days ago, and I do see a marginal improvement. I hope it turns into a big one :)