Unable To Get Pain Meds?

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    Here's a typical scenario. A patient sees her PCP or rheumy. The doc is afraid of prescribing opiods because he or she is afraid of creating addicts. Most docs are very ignorant of the fact that pain meds for chronic pain very seldom causes addiction (less than one percent).

    The doc prescribes Vioxx, Celebrex, or some othe medication developed to help with inflammation. Since FMS is not an inflammatory disease, these meds are of only limited benefit. The patient is getting desperate for some pain relief and angry at the doc's lack of effective treatment. In the meantime, the pain is relentlessly pounding away in the patient's body. The constant pain signals are bombarding the brain without pause, causing the patient to finally reach her breaking point.

    She calls or visits the doc and breaks down sobbing out of pain and frustration. This only convinces the doc that the patient is unbalanced and is probably displaying drug-seeking behavior, because he is ignorant of pain and pain treatments. The patient is worse off than ever and this becomes a downward spiral.

    I have seen this story a hundred times since I started coming here. It is unfair and heartbreaking that we are at the mercy of a medical establishment which is woefully uninformed about our illnesses. There are a few exceptions, but most docs just don't "get it."

    If this is your story, find a pain specialist. You may have to go to several before finding one who is good and understands FMS pain, but they are more numerous than PCP's and rehumies. Do not go to one who will not prescribe opiods; they are not what we need. We need pain relief.

    Relief from our pain allows us to investigate other means of pain reduction, including the Guai treatment, physical therapy, biofeedback, etc. I've gone from using Morphine to control my pain to usually taking nothing, but I could not have done it without the Morphine in the first place.

    The law says we are entitled to relief from pain. Human kindness says we wouldn't let an animal suffer the way some of our docs are willing to let us suffer. They do it out of fear and ignorance. It is up to us to find good docs. Don't keep knocking your heads against the proverbial brick wall. These docs work for us. Fire any doc who isn't helping you and find one who will. You deserve better treatment than this scenario I painted above. If you don't stick up for yourself, who will?

    Love, Mikie
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    Please everybody read Mikie's post and do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is S-o-o-o-o-o-o- right!! Shop around until you get the right doctor. I called several pain mgt. specialists and they all said that they needed medical records OR x-rays, and/or a doctor referral. You get the doctor referral from your PCP. PLEASE!!! So what Mikie says and shop around and I promise you will find somebody. Thats is what these pain mgt. doc's are for, PAIN MGT. If you need any help on your insurance you can call the 1-800 on the back of your card to find pain mgt. doc's on your plan. Also the web-site is usually listed on the back of your card and you can look at that on the web and you will see "Providers". Click on providers and you will get to the docs's on your plan.

    If you do not have insurance...then call around the pain mgt. doctors and ask what you need to bring to get in to see the specific Pain Mgt. doctor. If you need help finding a doctor on your insurance plan.... (if its okay with the moderators here) just ask for Pammy or baby-bear and I will be more than happy to help, anytime!!!!...See ya!!! Love and Hugs!!!! Pammy
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    for the post Mikie. I'm sure it will be very reassuring to the newer members of the board who have not seen all of the posts regarding pain management (or should I say mismanagement?)
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    I fear a change will be coming in my pain meds; the 10/500 generic Lortab will work if taken by direction but I have too much to do.

    Still homeshooling William 5th; he is really getting close in science, history, biology but I will not let him go til he learns to write civilized! I told him Moses might have stuttered but I bet he could atleast write!

    I have had a rocky spell as you could have guessed from my abscense (sp). I vowed to be here because Jackie, Jazzie, Pattie and Rita literally stayed up all night when I had an emotional breakdown.

    Right now my bones are just purely killing me! MUST use a can or walker, and I have a Quickie, which I need to check out to night (chili party at church) and I was reared ended while I was parked somewhere, probably in my drive! ha-ha!

    Pray that lift works. I don't carry that high dollar ins.

    Well I'm off to snip some dog tails, poodles of course and I have a bitch fixing to blow. I pray hers are as cute. She is my new buddy since dear "monkey" was called.

    Well off I go. I hope soon to be regularly making my appearance known. Love Cactus
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    Since I seem to be out of sync with most of the people who post here, I'm movin' on up so more can read this. It got moved over to Page 2 pretty fast.

    Love, Mikie