Unbearable Sore Throat - Please help me

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Junegal, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. Junegal

    Junegal New Member

    I used to post here when first diagnosed with ME. I have accepted the fact that I am sick and will never get better. I've accepted it all, but I cannot live with this sore throat.

    Please, can someone help me

    It all started with the throat 2.5 years ago. I went on antibiotics, felt better, then when I went off, the throat hit with a vengence. *ANY* physical activity I do results in throat punishment. I do no physical activity. I can no longer handle it, I end up crashing the next day.

    I went to 10 doctors, 4 of them ENTs. Had sinus surgery 2 years ago. Went the Lyme route, a Lyme specialist told me 1 year ago that my body was under attack with Lyme for 1.5 years, which resulted in CFS. Which as we all know, isn't going away. As a result of the whole mess, I now have some nonserogenic Lupus on top of it all.

    I've tried:

    Antibiotics constantly. My body stopped responding a week ago.

    Prednisone. My dose is finishing today and I can feel the throat ready to strike tomorrow with a vengence.

    accupuncture. I became allergic to the stainless needless. Gotta love the autoimmune part of this mess.

    Gamma Gobulin Shots. Gave me great energy. Which always resulted in throat punishment.

    B12 shots. Did nothing

    Grapeseed Extract. Did nothing.

    Neti Pot. Did nothing. Sometimes aggravated the throat when water would drip down it.

    Nose sprays. Worked for 3 weeks and kept me off antibiotcs for 3 weeks. Now when I use them they trigger the throat. I think they may do more harm then good.

    Chiropractic. I was told that I have Fibro but don't live in pain, except for the throat. One visit to the chiro and I was in severe pain. I have pain to the touch. Even if one of my kids tries to hug me, it has to be gentle. Severe pain on any type of touch. Couldn't go back to the chiro, caused me too much pain. Back pain on a regular basis I do not have nor do I want.

    My nose hasn't run in 5.5 years. I truly think this is part of the mess. If my nose would RUN, it would release the throat. But my nose doesn't run.

    I can't remember other things I tried but these are the things I can remember.

    If anyone can please, please help me with this throat I would be so appreciative. I can't tolerate it any longer. 2.5 years is just way longer than I expected to have to live in pain. I used to be a frequent member here and haven't posted in a while.

    Thank you in advance for any help.
  2. frickly

    frickly New Member

    I wish I could help but only get a sore throut on occassion. I do think it is interesting that your nose does not run. I think this may be an important clue as to why your throut hurts all the time. I wonder if you have some sinus inflammation that prevents drainage through your nose so it is always running down your throut? I would find a good allergist and get some opinions and/or exrays of this area. Allergies seem to be common with this disease.

    Take care,

  3. jarjar

    jarjar New Member

    Have you tried gargling sea salt and water? Salt is a natural broad spectrum anti-biotic. Its worth a try. Sounds to me you are dealing with chronic lyme.

    Regular salt should help also. I just prefer sea salt as it is a purer salt.
  4. DixieDe

    DixieDe Member

    I keep trying to post a reply. Maybe it will work this time. The worst sore throat I ever had was from yeast in my throat from taking antibiotics. I didn't know you could get yeast in your throat. I took diflucan and got immediate relief. It may be worth a try.
  5. jaynesez

    jaynesez New Member

    to have the same problem, my throat is killing me everyday, and I don't know why. I know that I have started snoring terribly, although I am very small, and husband says I do it even with mouth closed. Some mornings it hurts so bad I cough and cough, it is so scratchy. I also have trouble swallowing as well. I don't have any nasal drainage either, constant sinus infections, so I don't honestly know either! Hope you get more useful posts than mine, but I will be watching as I'm dealing with same problem.
    Good luck,
  6. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    It's typical to have a constant sore throat or relapsing/remitting sore throat with CFS. I've dealt with it for 25 years now.

    I drink a lot of Throat Coat Tea by Traditional Medicinals which is in most grocery stores and health food stores but can also be purchased online. I also use their Throat Coat pastilles which are throat drops. I found their Throat Coat syrup to be very irritating though.

    I also use throat sprays like Singer's Grace that i get at the health food store and when I have colds I use Echinacea tincture, sometimes Astragulus too.

    This help with symptom relief in the moment. The tea and drops also help with stomach and intestinal issues.

    I know how miserable this is.

  7. michellemariewalls

    michellemariewalls New Member

    My glands are swollen and I can tolerate many forms of pain...even my migraines but I can not take a sore throat. I sore throats hurt to speak and it is the sharp, burning and stinging I cant take. I have found Cepacol spray tastes bad but has Benzocaine in to and will numb your throat immediately. I also put cold packs on my neck, drink hot coffee, lots of Perrier water or anything carbonted helps me. i also eats tons of ice. I know it is weird but if does offer me a little relief
  8. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    I can't imagine having a chronic sore throat. After years of misery as a child I had my tonsils out when I was 16 and have had very few episodes since - thank goodness. I absolutely hate it when I get one. How do you not swallow? Eat? Drink? Talk? You simply can't avoid doing any of these things so you're in constant pain, at least if you broke your arm you'd just avoid using it until the pain subsided - not possible with a sore throat.

    You've gotten lots of good suggestions but one that jumped out at me right away was the possibility of thrush, which can go all the way down your throat.

    I have diabetes and one of the first signs I get that my sugar is acting up is that I start to get thrush. My dr. perscribed a liquid (I think it's called nystatin, or something close to that). I have to swish it around in my mouth, hold it there for awhile, then swallow it because it's not just your tongue that's infected, it's your throat also.

    Anytime I take antibiotics I just know the yeasties will activate and thrush usually leads the pack.

    If it doesn't clear up completely with the oral med my dr. gives me a three day dosage of difulcan (sp?)

    I don't always get the tell-tale whiteish/yellowish coating in my mouth, but the thrush is there anyway.

    Sending you best wishes and an end to this misery,
  9. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    besides upping my vit c and taking zinc and colloidal silver, I use the generic version of chloraseptic spray - it has phenol in it....it tastes ok and works pretty well - better than anything else I have tried

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