Unbelievable(maybe TMI)!

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    I have had CFS for 3 years after a flu virus which never went away. After my severe relapse (October, 2008) with gastrointestinal distress which left me functioning at 5% (ie one step away from being completely bedridden) I have been on a roller coaster ride to find the key to this damn disease. By January of this year I was losing a lot of my hair and had a constantly coated tongue with an awful "sweet" taste in my month (Not candida- antifungals had no effect).

    About 4 months ago I had a complete revamp of my supplements and diet and started on systemic enzymes. I felt that they were doing something positive in my body as i was starting to have short periods of wellness. However, in between, the detoxifying affect was not pretty even I was very slow in increasing my dosage. The detoxifying included acne and weird nighttime symptoms (more weirder than usual) which were waking me nearly every single night.

    Six weeks ago I was woken up by wriggling in my throat, wriggling in my nose, wriggling in my private parts- then I remembered my mother's words to me when I had the relapse- "Maybe you have worms". I did not take it seriously at that time as my stool test showed nothing. So I researched the whole thing and it horrified me.

    Combantrim did nothing (3 doses). So I started a herbal antiparasitic formula which seemed to rev up the symptoms further (biting, wriggling, lots of movement- and not just in my stomach). The increase in symptoms meant they were upset at being disturbed.

    My doctor thought it highly unlikely that I had worms but I asked for a stool sample anyway.
    The results are in but my doctor is on holidays and I won't be seeing her till Monday. The suspense is killing me because I am now 100% sure I have one species of worm if not two or three. Because.....I HAVE SEEN THEM WITH MY OWN EYES (and husband has confirmed this)....several times in a row. I am shedding heaps of them and they are alive! Also today I found something else -possible segments of a fluke/tapeworm (liver-like reddish flat tissue things), so I've kept these for further investigation. Luckily I've still got a sense of humor about the whole thing otherwise I would have sucumbed to anxiety about the whole nasty business.

    However I am actually angry because I have twice asked the doctor to ring me about the test results before she went on holidays but heard nothing. It has now been almost 3 weeks since the sample has been sent.

    There is a lot more to be said about the correlation between my symptoms and worm/parasite infestation but I'll leave it at that. Though I am not entirely certain it explains everything.

    If you want to look into it curezone is the place to go.

    By the way, paradoxically, my energy levels are slowly increasing, I have regained my former weight and I am starting to have some amazing brain clear moments as well. These are interspersed with some "off" days, which I call my dieoff days.

    Stay tuned for more...

  2. ladybugmandy

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    could it be morgellon's disease?
  3. debshomeed

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    that I may have several co-infections, perhaps morgellon's may be one of them.

    Our weakened body state makes us so susceptible to parasites that I suspect that many of us may be harboring them. Getting a doctor to take us seriously and doing the appropriate tests is the biggest hurdle. It just sucks a lot of energy explaining my weird symptoms to my doctor and trying to convince her that I am physically suffering and not just paranoid/overly sensitive.

    I've been following your posts, so sorry that you are going through such a tough time ladybugmandy. I really hope that the antivirals really work for you. Thanks for replying


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