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    Hello Fellow Overcomers -

    I get an e-mailed newsletter from Jordan Rubin, PhD
    He wrote several books, one of which is titled, "The Maker's Diet" He advises people how to recover from illness with healthy nutrition. He had an intestinal disease, Crohn's, which is thought to be incurable. He no longer suffers from it . . . all due to his changes in diet.

    Advice for Healthy Living

    Choosing Clean Meats
    Pork and dishes made from pork top many Americans' favorite food lists. Some people don't realize, however, that these foods come from an unclean animal — swine. The pig did not make the Creator's list of "clean" animals for a very good reason. Clean animals like cows and deer that chew the cud have an advanced digestive system that includes an alimentary canal and a secondary cud receptacle. They have three stomachs to process and refine their clean, vegetation-based food in a process that can take up to twenty-four hours.

    Pigs or swine, on the other hand, never limit their diet to vegetation. They will eat anything they can find — including their own young and sick or dead pigs from the same pen.

    It's no wonder, then, that pork contains poisons and by-products that can harm you, including the destructive enzymes cadaverine and putrescine. For your health, stick to the animals that the Creator chose as his ideal food for humankind.
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    Though not everyone will agree,
    Jordan Rubin has some pretty solid
    information to consider.

    I know that my family ate a lot
    of pork growing up. But now that
    I fix my own food, I am looking at
    all issues regarding the best optimal

    I personally believe that my eating
    choices are one area I can control,
    thus I eat much more fruit/veges
    than I used to as well as buying
    chicken from an organic source whenever
    I am able.

    I also no longer eat pork, though I
    do enjoy the flavor, due to this new
    information. It sure makes sense.

    Take Good Care,
  3. MamaDove

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    and currently am looking into diet as the main/only culprit, I also have a theory that I am misdiagnosed and thus added insult to injury by being advised to take all kinds of meds...one which is chemo in a pill...

    Like anything in the past 13 years, when I rely on others for help, I get worse, when I go with my gut, I get answers...No pork or lunchmeats or any packaged foods for that matter go in this mouth anymore...

    We need to use common sense and read labels...we know that smoking kills, alcohol and drugs kill and oh yeah, FOOD kills...Take heed of what goes in your body and better health can only come of it...we talk an awful lot about diet on here and all the supplements we have tried yet it never amazes me that as soon as you mention stopping smoking, diet sodas and such seem to irk some...Most of the foods we are programmed to eat contain ingredients that I wouldnt feed to my dogs...They are halthier cause I cared enough to make the right choices for them yet I continued to eat 'junk'...very seldom, but I still did it...after my hospital stay last week, I have CHANGED EVERYTHING!!! Funny, when I felt on the brink of death and actually having a visual of it, even fast food commercials now make me cringe...It took a catastrophe to change my way of thinking, I believe we should teach nutrition above all else if we wish to better ourselves...

    Geez, another tirade from me, sorry, but lately FOOD is my passion...I actually emptied out all mmy cabinets yesterday and even the pork in my freezer went out to the trash...Over $500 worth of foods that I thought were acceptable two weeks ago, are now the garbage they were to begin with...Anyone that doesnt get it by now, is going to suffer from ongoing health problems...I am doing everything I can through diet now and trying my best to stay away from doctors too, but thats another thread...tehe

    I hope you gained some insight from that Crohn's sufferer, it's an awful existence to suffer from this disease and I am glad someone has beaten the beast down and shared his story...many can learn from it...good luck with changing the way you look at foods and beverages, I wish you better health....
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    This makes me realize why they don't teach nutrition in school, at least not REAL nutrition, and why they won't. The food pyramid was constructed in the 1950s or thereabouts by the Department of Agriculture. That's why there's so much milk, meat and grains on there. These foods are not particularly healthy. They aren't included in the pyramid because they did testing and devised a healthy menu, they represent the people in business of selling these foods. Didn't we learn from our daddies not to believe salesmen?

    So we eat bad, then we get sick, then we go to the doctor, then we buy drugs. This is most of our economy!! We can't start eating healthy overnight, not all of us, the economy would collapse within a couple of years! First the food companies would lose tons of money if we stopped buying crap. Then the doctors and hospitals would lose because we wouldn't need them as much. Then the drug companies will start losing and then I guess we have mass chaos in the American economy because everybody's healthy.

    So we'll just have to start small. Us sick people will start it, the food companies will have to transition to healthy food and doctors and hospitals will have to take massive cuts in pay and start prescribing supplements and dietary changes instead of drugs. The drug companies will have to take massive pay cuts, too, and start promoting supplements. I figure this will take about 500-1000 more years for America to become healthy without crashing the economy. karen

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