Uncontrollable Hunger

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    I have F/M since I was very young but it wasn't until I started going through menopause at the age of 36 that my symptoms worsened considerably. At that time I weighed 106 lbs. and have consistantly gained weight every year since. I have been on every diet and then some. My problem is that I am always hungry, I mean always. Not a little hungry, hungy enought to eat the wallpaper off the wall, paste included. No matter how much I eat I am still hungry. Have had thyroid checked and blood work done, everything seems to be normal. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and how they deal with it. Thanks DMP
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    Are you on antidepressants? Some can cause that overwhelming hunger.i know it can drive you nuts -I was there once and also put on weight.Maybe discuss it with your doctor and they can see if medication is the problem.Maybe they would have you try other medications that don't do that.Have you been depressed?That can cause hunger for some people too.Being down and in pain you can look for comfort from food.You want it all the time because you never get that comfort.Just a few things to think about.Good luck-I for one know just what you are talking about. Lana56
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    Hi DMP, welcome to the board. I do not have your problem, how about the opposite one??? I hate to eat, never want food! I have to force myself to eat, believe it or not, its a big problem also.

    I do have a cousin that is always hungry, no matter how much she eats, she can still eat more. She is not ill, is on no meds either.

    She has learned to eat so much, and no more. She does manage to keep her weight pretty normal this way.

    She had gained 30 pounds over her normal weight(from back surgery), and went on the Suzanne Sumer's diet, it took about 2 months, but she is now back to normal weight again.

    We call ourselves the 'odd couple' with food :)

    Hope you find out what your problem is, and I am sure there must be some help for this.

    Again, welcome to the board.................

    Shalom, Shirl

  4. mymichelina

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    I just downed 3 cookies (huge) covered in frosting...and I am not sure why....I think it may be depression in my case. I always have had the urge to comfort with food. I was however anorexic as a teenager....wonder if any othere FM sufferers out there have been same?
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    Can you recall exactly when your appetite went out of control? Perhaps it can be connected to a medication, hormonal change, new illness, etc.?

    My appetite was fairly normal until I went on the antidepressant PAXIL, which happened to be around the time I hit menopause. Then my appetite went absolutely crazy! I gained 12 lbs because I was hungry ALL the time. When I ate a meal, one plate would not satisfy me at all! Then I would overeat and be miserable because I got too full.

    It's as if the switch that signals I'm full doesn't work. It got a little better when I quit the Paxil, but it's still there, working overtime. I spent so much time being hungry in overtime mode, my appetite never went back to whatever was "normal".

    I think alot of my problem is psychological also, because I eat when I'm not hungry and also find food VERY comforting. But that's me.

    My only suggestion is that which someone else mentioned: if you're on an anti-depressant and think you could live without it, talk to your doctor about giving it up.

    Other than that, I suppose it could be a variety of other reasons, but, medically speakng, I'm not sure what they are. Wish I could be more help!

    Good luck and keep us posted if you are able to find out more.
  6. pammy52

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    I was on elavil for about 4 months this past winter.
    I love food to begin with and after doing the atkins diet
    last summer to dump 25 lbs. I ended up gaining the 25 back
    and then some.
    This was definitely linked to the elavil. Was super hungry
    all the time and especially craved sweets. Not the normal
    craving for me...usually its starches.
    Would even wake up in the middle of the night because I was
    hungry!!!! Since the elavil was supposed to be helping me
    sleep it was obviously not working for me in any respect.
    Took a month to wean off of it. It also made me way to foggy
    during the day.
    Hope you find an answer to your food madness.
    P.S. I find elimanating refined sugars and starches from
    my diet cuts down my cravings/hunger. Now on the SuzanneSomers diet and doing well.
  7. tulip922s

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    I think Elavil was a big part of it for me as well as menopause. Just watched Dateline last night and am interested in the South Beach Diet. It's suppose to break the vicious carb craving cycle.

    I have however managed to keep my weight in check. It's a constant struggle and I do cave in and then the next day get tough with myself. Just wish I didn't get soooooo excited over food. Best of luck. Tulip
  8. klutzo

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    Been there, done that, got the Xtra large size T-shirt to prove it! Weight before fibro = 134. Weight now =200.

    Please have your serotonin level checked. Serotonin is low in most fibro people. One of serotonin's main duties is to tell your brain when you are full when you eat carbohdrates. This is why fibro folk tend to crave carbs. I'll bet if you look at what you are eating, you will discover that you are not overeating protein or low carb foods. We overeat carbs because we don't get the "you are full" signal on time. One thing you can do, but it will be hard, is to limit carbs and stop all simple carbs. That will probably help with the craving, but treating low serotonin first will make it a lot easier. Not treting this can lead to Metabolic Syndrome,which is dangerous and will take years off your life. I know because I have it. My weight is all around my middle and my waist has grown by 14 inches since I got Fibro. This is a disaster for the health of my heart, and can lead to diabetes just as true hypoglycemia can.

    I do not mean you should be treating it by taking anti-depressants that just cover the deficiency without correcting it. I mean go to a holistic doctor and get proper treament with amino acid supplements and/or whey. The doses required to fix this are large and should be monitored by an experienced doc.

    This problem is known as "complex appetite" in holistic terms. It is a neurotransmitter deficiency and it is an overwhelmingly strong urge that is impossible to resist. Anyone who knows me would tell you I am the most disciplined person they know. But, when it comes to this, I am helpless. Please do a websearch for Marty Hinz, M. D. and read about Neurotransmitter Repletion. This will explain about the symptoms of complex appetite and how they happen.

    I have worked out all my life and still work out six days per week even with my fibro pain. I have worked out with tears pouring down my face from pain....that's how disciplined I am. But, my carb cravings are killing me. I have given up rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, carrots, corn, beets, juices and jams, and did so easily, but I cannot stop eating sugar,though I have cut it back.

    My holistic doc, whom I have just started seeing, says as long as my serotonin is as low as it is, it will be impossible for me to stop eating carbs. The treatment is gradually raised doses of 5-HTP, which is available over-the-counter, but the doses have to be very high and other neurotransmitters need to be balanced as well. This is why you need a holistic practitioner to help you.

    I do not want you to end up like me. Please take action and keep us posted.
  9. tildyk

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    I joined this chat group for the specific purpose of trying to see who else had this problem. When my fibro hits, I get a constellation of symptoms including the usual dreaded body pain, plus sore throat and a craving for brownies, ice cream, chocolate chips,tostitos, etc. It's a powerful craving, and I know that a day which starts with a good nutritious breakfast (I really do try) followed by a rich dessert (when I can't stand the craving any more) is NOT going to be a good one.

    I would love to hear what others do in this crisis situation, a really bad day when chocolate is a MUST. It does remind me of the old PMS cravings, but it's much worse.

    I'm so glad your question was on here. Just having other people who share this frustrating symptom is helpful
  10. Lanie

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    In fact, I was going to post the same thing until I read her post. That was my problem exactly.
    I was a carb addict. This didn't happen until I got post traumatic Fibromyalgia. I cut all carbs but fruits and veggies out of my diet. I had to be on an only liquid diet after my surgery and that served to break the carb addiction. The best thing I could have ever done. I no longer crave carbs of any kind. I am losing weight steadily and I feel normal again...well except for the pain of course.

    Give it a shot. It is hard! You will feel hungry and it will be annoying but don't give in. I guarantee in a few days after the carb addiction is gone you will feel so much better. The key after though is stay away from all those carbs and only eat the carbs that are good for you in moderation along with good protein and low fats.
    Best wishes,
  11. Pindooca

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    After my son's birth I was on Paxil for 6 months and gained 60 lbs. My doctor (and myself too) was so happy with how good I felt I never noticed the extra weight.

    I was also taking Elavil to sleep through the night, but was told my another psychiatrist that it can cause terrible sugar/carb cravings, which is the last thing I need, as I'm trying to do Atkins.

    Atkins is the only way of eating I've tried that really controls my hunger. Have you tried low-carbing?
  12. Echo2

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    There is a lot of good advice in these posts. I find that I eat a lot more, feel hungry when in a flare, and I crave the carbs, too. Plus, when we are eating, we are distracted from the pain! Anyway, I have been taking colostrum and 5-HTP for the cravings. You can get them at a health food store. I notice a distinct improvement, so you might consider trying these. When I feel like I need to eat something, I take these first and wait 1/2 hour to see if I still feel hungry, then eat something good for me.
    Good Luck and keep trying!
  13. tansy

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    used by many with leaky gut to heal the GI tract taken 1/2 hour before meals is also supposed to help cut down the size of meal eaten.

    If you have candida you will crave carbs and sugar because it feeds on that.

    I do think Klutzo made a very valid and important point when she said you must raise seratonin levels in order to curb a carbs craving.


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