Uncontrollable Hunger

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    I just checked on message board and saw more messages about hunger. Klutzo thanks for the information on the complex appetite. I am going to go on the website you mentioned to check it out. I am really disgusted with this problem especially since I used to weigh 106lbs. I do seem to crave carbohydrates, I could care less about most proteins. The problem is I am really, really hungry but after a few bites I am full. So no matter what or how much I eat I am hungry again in about an hour. I am going to try some of the suggestions mentioned because I have a doctors name I am calling on Mon. to make plans to have gastric bypass done. I really don't want to have this surgery but I am at the end of my rope. Just glad to see others have this problem because it kills me to be eating less than others but being bigger than most people. My family doesn't understand this problem and my husband thinks I'm nuts. Thanks so much you have all made me feel so much better. DMP
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    my sister had this problem and kept checking for diabetes, but no one ever checked her for insulin resistance which is a precursor to diabetes...doctor put her on suzanne sommers diet and gymnema for pancreatic support and to help with hunger cravings (take 1 a day at each meal - can get at vitamin shop or health food store) and in like 2 months she has lost over 30 lbs and is not hungry and satisfied and is not tired in the afternoon and furthermore, if she can get the weight off the doc says she will not develop diabetes....few docs check the insulin level I think it is called the glucose tolerance or intolerance test...maybe you can research it on the web...

    i'd at least think about this as an alternative to that drastic of surgery...My sister has about 100 lbs more to lose i'd say, but she is happily on her way and so thrilled someone finally could tell her why she just kept gaining and gaining weight and not eating that much but always hungry.

    take care and good luck with whichever path you choose on your goal to lose weight!

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    I'm on elavil, and with that comes cravings for sweets. Not good when you have thyroiditis too. I hope you exhausted all resources before you have that type of surgery. If that doctor is at all good, he'd make sure you had a dietary referral, etc. first. Some people have died having gastric bypass done, so that worries me. I wish you the best. God Bless.
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    is the same thing as Metabolic Syndrome, which I discussed in the previous post to you.
    The low serotonin level caused by Fibro will cause this eventually, and make it a lot worse nad harder to deal with,as you give in to the carbo cravings it causes.
    Please do look into raising your neurotransmitter levels, along with a high protein diet, before resorting to surgery.
    BTW, about 40% of Fibro patients have "complex appetite neurotransmitter deficiency" which is usually mis-dx'd as reactive hypoglycemia, and if they have a Glucose Tolerance test they will get VERY sick from it as a result, but the results will still look normal. You don't need to dx insulin resistance with a test, but if you really want to , the test is called fasting insulin level and is a simple blood test, but most conventional docs will not order it for you. Once again, a holistic doc is best.
    The symptoms of insulin resistance syndrome aka metabolic syndrome aka syndrome X, are easy to recognize without a test. Some docs even dx it on waist size alone now, figuring that anyone with a waist that big will eventually get the other problems.
    Symptoms of insulin resistance:
    -Female waist larger than 35 inches, or a male larger than 40 inches
    - constant hunger (some have constant thirst too)
    - abnormally low HDL cholesterol
    - abnormally high triglycerides
    - if you go longer than 4 hrs. without eating: dizziness, chills, staggering, slurred speech, headache
    Untreated it always leads to:
    - high blood pressure
    - Type II diabetes
    - early death due to heart disease (an average of ten yrs. off your life).

    Why has it become an epidemic? Two words: Low fat foods!

    Good luck,
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    Whenever I read a post of yours, I am always adding to my education, its sad that my memory is not what it used to be, along with being called a walking encyclopeida my family would add medical info too!

    When my husband gets back from the store, I printed out your reply with that waistline bit, his is 42", hopefully your receipt for disaster will convince him to go back on the Suzanne's diet and lost that 30 pounds he is still carry around (he lost 40lbs on her diet last year, and did not gain it back, but he still needs to get rid of 30 more pounds).

    As usual, thanks for the information lady.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Glad I could help.... I hope he listens. The latest figure I saw for metabolic syndrome was 48 million in the USA alone, and most of them don't know they have it thanks to lazy docs....
    Why is it that the skinnies always marry fatties? It would be SO much easier to stick to a diet if my hubby were a fattie like me. Then we could diet together.
    But, he is a bean pole (6'4", weighs 173) and eats like a family of six, and eats anything he wants, inclduing potato chips, french fries, cake, etc. and never gains an ounce. His cholesterol is 168 and his cardiac risk ratio is 1.8. It's so unfair!
    I have to have potatoes, rice, ice cream bars, beer, butter,and cookies around for him, or he'll get so skinny he'll blow away in the wind. (he only weighed 140 lbs. when I met him!) I can resist it all except the ice cream ( you know how I am about that Breyers butter pecan!).
    We should trade so the two skinnies would be together and the two fatties together! (just kidding).
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    I with FMS+CFS tested my PH (either urine or saliva) and was found to be acidic (around 5.5 to 6.0). Candida or out-of-control yeast seem to be the culprit for me. I tried a product called Threelac from Global Health Trax, Inc. Vista, CA. My PH is now alkaline (upper 7.0's). I don't have the hunger cravings as bad now and lost about 6 pounds. I pray your family will be more understanding, there are many problems these syndromes tend to cause. It has always appeared to me that I have only been treated for a symptom not the cause. Hope this helps.

    <>< Don <><
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    it just might be because of the medication your on ... i gained 10 pounds this year because of the meds i was on.. zyprxa.. i was constantly hungry and i craved carbs and sweets... i'm off the zyprxa now and on topamax... i've only been on it for a week and can already tell a differenc... talk to others and tell your doctor.. just a suggestion take care elizabeth
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    Now you know opposites attract! Yes, mine eats everything he wants too, only problem it all shows up on his tummy. He's 5'11" and 240lbs, he does have a large frame, so he can handle the 200lbs easy. I do not have a problem with his weight, I call him my big teddy bear :), but seriously I am concerned about his health.

    Heres the strange thing, he does not drink beer or any liquor at all, no smoking either (he quit smoking about 12 years ago).

    He loves everything you mentioned except the beer, as for the Butter Pecan, I HIDE it in the freezer before he gets home, yea, I am a meany. He loves ice cream, and cookies.

    There is very little foods we both like or eat. We are so different its like we are from two different planets.

    I don't think you would want to 'trade', if I had a skinny for a husband we would probably starve to death.

    Shalom! Shirl