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    Over the last two weeks from this forum I learned about the documentary "Under Our Skin" and was lucky enough to see a showing of it in Seattle this past weekend. I hope many many people can see it or get a copy of it and show it to as many people as they can.
    I was having my first appointment with a "new" doctor in Seattle(who also has lyme herself) and saw the flyer in her office that they were having a screening that night. This same doctor had organized the screening.

    This documentary is an eye opener. It makes you sad, and angry but at the same time gives you hope. Gives you hope that lyme and its treatment will someday come to the forefront, be recognized, and be treated correctly. It will help others who don't have lyme realize what we are going through. I didn't know the severity of untreated lyme and the fatality of it. It makes me want to impress on all the people I know who have other undiaganosed diseases like Parkinson, MS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue to at least have a Western Blot Test to rule out lyme.
    The movie talks about several doctors who have lost their license by treating lyme because they weren't following the guidelines of the IDSA. It talks about the controversy surrounding IDSA in creating these guidelines.

    This is a powerful documentary so if you get a chance see it. The movie is one more way for lyme disease to be recognized by others as a disease that needs to be taken seriously.
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    I saw the movie earlier, and there was a Q&A afterward with the girl who traveled with U2, featured in the movie. It was at the Harvard theater.

    I hear that 80 from congress were present at a showing, which had a Q&A afterward, so hopefully, the tide is changing, and the word is getting out that this is a serious illness, requiring ongoing treatment.

    I wish I could've gone to the one you went to, but had out of town commitments. I've gone to 2 of the doctors there, one being my main LLMD, and the other I went to for specific problem solving.

    The movie is winning awards at film festivals, and generating a lot of talk. (again, I hear, no proof) Just the fact that doctors are showing themselves in public to be lyme literate may be a sign that they're less afraid now of losing their licenses. A positive sign is how I see it.

    I am curious about the Q&A portion, and if a lot of medical people attended. Can you tell me a little about that aspect? I'd appreciate it.
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    Daisys, there were maybe about 200 people at the documentary. The question and answer session after the film went on for about an hour and a half but could have gone on longer. I really don't know who the audience was made up of as far as medical people, lyme patients etc. I wish they had taken a poll for that. But as far as the panel for answering questions, there were the two doctors from the clinic I go to, two other doctors who treat lyme in Seattle, a dentist that deals in taking out fillings ie for toxicity, a lyme patient and her mom and a radio personality in Seattle Dr. Pat. It was very good- the whole night. I just wish for more of it to be able to talk about this.