Under our skin Film about mistreatment of lymes patients

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    this is a film about lymes the above link is a trailer

    UNDER OUR SKIN is a suspenseful and dramatic exploration of the diagnosis and treatment of a dangerous epidemic: chronic Lyme disease. It is to be premiered in DC, June 16 - 23 2008. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admit that more than 200,000 people may be infected with Lyme disease annually, more than new cases of AIDS, West Nile Virus and Avian Flu combined. Disturbing, if not terrifying, UNDER OUR SKIN is what Director Andy Abrahams Wilson calls “A chilling tale of the pursuit of profit and prestige at the expense of science and very sick patients.”
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    You might just find it sounds very very familiar...

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    Thank you for the info. It is playing near me in July and I really want to go see it.

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    Everyone intrested in Lymes should read Lab 257. It's a book that is very well documented. Lymes disease was a disease that was at the bio level 4 lab on Plum Island on the east coast and escaped because of very poor containment at that lab.

    This in itself explains why anyone is going to have a very hard time finding a doc or getting treatment. The gov never likes to accept responcibility for it's mistakes. So in turn docs are not educated on this disease and it's misdiagnosed as something else.

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    Victoria exactly it all sounds pretty familiar

    i wonder sometimes if we don't need such a great pr tool ourselves with our dx.
    if we had the general publice aware and embarassed the governments into action what a good thing

    also i hope that this would lay the ground for us so general public would already understand that government does not treat us properly or at all

    not only that but good film or GREAT PR ADS made by people with me/cfs fm with hard facts showing proof that this exists and there is treatment, would educate the public and help us get the understanding we need and not the predudice we get.

    disability is another thing that could be raised and so many not getting it.

    perhaps it could have a donation tel no and general public and sufferers could send money to be put towards treatment research and possibly even respite care.

    this looks to be a great film to pave the way for general public to realize exactly what is going on

    perhaps it will be easier for us to show the same thing is happening with me/cfs and fm now

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    Unfortunately, as many Dr's do not believe in FMS/CFS as chronic Lyme.

    I'm not sure if there is a light at the end of this tunnel, but continue to have your voices heard.

    To be told that you just cannot endure the stress of modern life is an insult.

    All we can do with these things is raise awareness any way we can. Wear a t-shirt about it to wallyworld if you have to. But keep the dialog open.

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    I like your Idea about the T-Shirt, I
    Am going to have me one made and ware it to All the
    Dr. I have to go to. And all over town. I am going to put it on a green T-Shirt.